Accord Party presidential candidate claims to sponsor 7,200 students in 36 states

Christopher Imumolen, the Accord Party’s presidential candidate, promised to prioritize education when he was elected Nigeria’s president in 2023, revealing he is sponsoring up to 200 students in each of the 36 states .

Mr. Imumolen made the pledge during his interactive session with leaders of the Christian Association of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja.

“The problem of education is important. I will prioritize education. I will devote no less than 20% of our budget to education. Right now, we only have about 6.5% of our budget for education in a country that has over 18.5 million people out of school,” the presidential hopeful noted.

He added, “We are in a country where 97.5 million Nigerians live in poverty. We are still a third world nation, and education must come first. I will ensure that Nigerians have education at a highly subsidized rate and, if possible, free from primary to secondary.

Mr. Imumolen added that he already does this privately to show his commitment to education.

“Just in this room, those who accompanied me are not politicians but students who have benefited from my scholarship”, affirmed the candidate of the Accord Party. “There is no state in Nigeria where I don’t have up to 200 scholarship students sponsored by my personal money.”

Mr. Imumolen also said his emergence as president in 2023 would breathe fresh air of opportunity for Nigerians, especially the youth.

“It is time for the country to entrust its economy to dynamic young people to manage like Canada and other developed countries. We need young and energetic youth who will work hard to bring back the glory of the country,” added the presidential flag bearer.

Regarding a CAN policy proposal for presidential candidates, Imumolen said the policy document proposed by the religious group was only a reflection of its manifesto.

“One of the ways to generate wealth is to help states identify and exploit their resources and to help them trade internationally. Do you know that we have over 4,000 mineral resources in Nigeria that remain to be exploited? We only focus on crude oil,” the Accord Party candidate further underlined. “We only focus on the easy stuff.”


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