Additional sponsorship payment for Ukrainian host families

Surrey County Council and the local District and Borough Councils that locally run the Homes for Ukraine scheme have agreed on an additional thank you payment, to be paid monthly to host families from the end of November 2022 until March 2023. This recognizes that funding The circumstances faced by host families in Surrey, who have hosted Ukrainians into their homes, will have changed from when they agreed to host Ukrainian families to our economic situation current in the UK.

Currently host families are paid £350 per month to be sponsors, this payment will be increased from £250 to £600 per month from the end of November 2022. This is to offset rising energy bills, food and fuel in this cost. life crisis. This applies to existing hosts who are already receiving thank you payments and new hosts who complete all checks satisfactorily in the future. This funding comes from the DLUHC through the county council to district and borough councils to pay sponsors directly once they have passed all relevant housing, DBS and safeguard checks.

Surrey County Council Leader Cllr Tim Oliver said: ‘We are forever grateful for the warm welcome and unfailing support that communities, charities, districts and boroughs continue to extend to our guests. Ukrainians here in Surrey. But especially to those sponsoring families who have opened their homes to welcome Ukrainian families to live alongside them and their families. As if that sacrifice weren’t enough, we now need to ensure that they are not financially penalized and can continue to offer their support as sponsors in the current economic climate. Unfortunately, the conflict in Ukraine continues and therefore there is always a need for foster families. SCC made the decision to increase thank you payments after fears that many people could not afford to extend their current six-month agreements as winter approached and the cost of living bitten.

Could you become a host family?

We don’t have enough new hosts to keep up with the continued demand. We are increasing payouts to thank people, to recognize the rising cost of living, to encourage more hosts to come forward, but also to entice people to come back to hosting, if they have previously quit in due to financial difficulties or concerns about rising household costs in the coming month.

If you have any questions about the Homes for Ukraine program, visit the Homes for Ukraine page on GOV.UK

For full details of the Homestay Thank You Payments under the Homes For Ukraine program in Surrey, visit I want to offer my support during the Ukraine crisis – Surrey County Council (surreycc.gov.uk)

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