Amid bitter feud, Kyle Busch signing reportedly lost Michael Jordan’s $47.1 billion NASCAR team

Kyle Busch has finally reached an agreement with Richard Childress Racing, securing his future in the NASCAR Cup Series. However, there was another team he was deciding between, which might have caused more trouble for the team than helped them. Maybe RCR was more of a safety net for Busch to fall for.


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But we are talking about a team that is losing a very important sponsor.


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As the JGR rider talked about changing teams, he was torn between two big owners. One of them was, of course, Richard Childress Racing. However, the other is 23XI Racing. Despite the possibility of remaining in the Toyota family, Busch decided to change the manufacturer completely with the owner, why?

Well, 23XI only offered him a one-year contract, while RCR offered him a multi-year okay, with a big salary. Now the exact amount is undeclared, but rumors suggest that he will soon become the highest paid driver. But, there’s another big reason for this change, and that’s Monster Energy Drink.

The energy drink company sponsored the two-time Cup Series champion (before he won the championships, of course). In 2012, the duo announced that the energy drink giant would sponsor Kyle Busch Motorsports. However, their relationship was good at the time. Unfortunately, the same can no longer be said. In fact, the driver even created his own brand of energy drink for this reason.

So if he had joined 23XI, is it more than likely that Monster Energy would have parted ways with the team. Naturally, this would have left the Toyota team in the same position as RCR, as they would have had to look for a sponsor for their new driver.


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But do you think Busch would be a good candidate for 23XI Racing?

Would Kyle Busch even fit 23XI Racing?


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Denny Hamlin, being a JGR pilot, formed a allegiance with Joe Gibbs to help his new team. Luckily, it works well because they can buy chassis and services from JGR. Plus, they even help with the crew and training as Joe Gibbs is responsible for training the crew.

May 28, 2022; Concord, North Carolina, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch (18) walks with his car during Nascar Cup qualifying at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon – USA TODAY Sports

In fact, we even saw Bubba Wallace swap crew with Christopher Bell earlier. But after a 15-year run with two Cup Series championships, JGR dropped him because they couldn’t find him a one-season sponsor. This must leave some hard feelings towards the team, so would Busch want to keep ties with them? Even in 23XI Racing, he would still be quite close to Gibbs.


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Although it would work great for Kyle Busch Motorsports, as well as Toyota Racing Development. Because he would remain a Toyota driver and his Truck Series team would continue to use Toyota trucks. But still, Busch made his choice and took a big decision and a big risk, and his success or failure will only be evident once the 2023 season begins.

But what do you think of the move? Should Busch have gone to 23XI and remained a Toyota driver? Or did he make the right decision? Let us know in the comments.

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