Anura Announces Sponsorship of 2022 PACE ACX in Nashville

MIDDLETOWN, DELAWARE, Anura Solutions LLC, an ad fraud solution, has announced that it will be sponsoring the 2022 Professional Associations for Customer Engagement (PACE ACX) Annual Convention and Expo.

PACE ACX is an annual event that brings together hundreds of contact centers and customer experience professionals across the United States. This year’s convention will be held in Nashville from October 9-11, featuring more than 30 breakout sessions, powerful speeches and more.

Through the sponsorship deal, Anura aims to promote awareness of ad fraud, highlighting the importance of leveraging their cybersecurity tool to help businesses optimize media spend and improve bottom line results.

“We are thrilled to be the primary sponsor of this year’s event,” said Rich Kahn, ad fraud expert, co-founder and CEO of Anura. “We take our role very seriously in protecting our clients’ advertising dollars from the $100 billion ad fraud problem.”

Anura’s fraud detection experts will be on hand at Expo 2022 to share key insights into fraud detection and prevention.

PACE champions and promotes best practices, emerging technologies, and thought leadership to and by its member customer experience professionals to drive exceptional customer service, business growth, and personal development.

Over the past few years, Anura has established itself as one of the leading ad fraud solutions. According to the Anura team, they believe the PACE ACX 2022 event will provide businesses with a valuable opportunity to learn more about fraud mitigation in the digital landscape.

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