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Biovancia makes a sick toddler’s dream of swimming with dolphins come true

Biovancia helps make a sick 3-year-old boy’s dream of swimming with dolphins come true

We’d like to think that every dream come true brings a little joy and a little hope into the life of a child who otherwise endures a daily life with problems that no child should have to face.

Biovancia, French supplier of food supplements and creator of Prostalim XR, today revealed their sponsorship of 3-year-old Mathéo’s dream of swimming with dolphins. Corporate sponsorship of the toddler’s dream, as well as the dreams of other seriously ill children, is possible through the Biovancia partnership formed with the association Dreams.

In an article published on Biovancia.com, the Biovancia Institute, a wellness and nutrition company, today announced how its alliance with Rêves helped it sponsor and make three-year-old Mathéo’s dream come true. Suffering from a serious illness, the toddler dreamed of swimming with dolphins. Dreams’ mission statement is to make the dreams of seriously ill children possible. The company revealed that thanks to the sponsorship of Biovancia, Rêves had taken Mathéo, his parents and his little sister on a 3-day vacation to an amusement park on the Côte d’Azur. Accompanied by volunteers from the association, park keepers and his family, Mathéo got into the water with a couple of trained dolphins to see them perform. Mathéo would have been overwhelmed with joy when his dream of swimming with dolphins came true. As a souvenir of his trip, Mathéo brought home a dolphin bedside lamp. Biovancia noted that they are “thrilled to have had the opportunity to help make Mathéo’s dolphin dream come true.”

The company went on to say, “We are so honored and proud to have joined so many other companies who support the worthy cause Dreams has championed. We work alongside major economic players such as Bugatti, Kiabi, Allianz, Axa, City Immobilier, KFC and Macif. We strongly encourage other companies in France to do the same. We’d like to think that every dream come true brings a little joy and a little hope into the life of a child who otherwise endures a daily life with problems that no child should have to face. There are so many children who need our help. We urge other companies to heed this and ultimately use their strengths and their voices to make these children’s dreams come true. Every little bit counts.”

Biovancia is a nutritional supplement company located in France. The company was established in 2018 and offers a variety of supplements aimed at helping people live healthier lives. The company prides itself not only on helping people through supplements, but also through philanthropic activities, such as their partnership with Dreams.

Formed by a group of friends, the Rêves association has been harvesting dreams since 1994, helping to realize dream projects for seriously ill children. Since its creation, Rêves has helped children to live their dreams in a tangible way, offering young patients adventures that allow them to forget their illness for a time. The aim of the Rêves association is to offer experiences to children who struggle daily against a serious illness. The hope is that this will allow them to regain their confidence and find the strength to keep fighting.

About Biovancia

Created in 2018, Biovancia is a French company specializing in nutritional supplements. With all products made in France, the company’s mission is to combine nature’s most valuable components with scientific innovations and to deliver quality products. The company is known for its CoQ10, Artimium 360, Prostalim XR, NutraMag B6 and Neo-Collagen products.

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