#BoycottTampax trends as company seeks trans sponsors

A trending hashtag, #BoycottTampax, which started after a controversial tweet from Tampax, has now encouraged users to share transphobic comments about sponsors such as Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh.

The company sparked outrage on Monday after a tweet which many call “revolting” and “gross”.

“You’re in their DMs. We’re in them. We’re not the same,” the tweet read.

The tweet received over 337,000 likes and 43,700 retweets from fans who thought the joke was creative while others attacked the company for “sexualize” pads.

Two boxes of Tampax Pearl tampons are seen on a shelf in a store in Washington, DC on June 14, 2022.
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Other users called the person responsible for the tweet “pervertand shared their negative opinions on the viral joke.

But some are now using the hashtag to attack the company for allowing a trans woman and a non-binary individual to promote their products, while others are defending the company’s tweet as well as their decision to have activists sponsored LGBTQIA+ Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh its period products. .

Many netizens said the majority of tweets using the hashtag were less about the company’s tweet on Monday and more about Tampax’s support for transgender people.

“Has anyone else noticed people screaming #BoycottTampax aren’t you really upset by the joke?” @Elepitts1997 tweeted. “It’s actually a group of transphobic fanatics attacking a company that has shown support for a group of people they like to be cruel to. The ignorant, weak-minded bullies.”

The fact that the backlash and boycott calls come just days after a mass shooting at a gay club in Colorado Springs left at least five people dead is not lost.

“So many #TransHate in the #BoycottTampax orient yourself. And only two days after a horrific hate crime against the LGBTQ community,” user @AlexChowStuart tweeted. “You should all be ashamed of your denial of human rights to individuals, many of them very young, trying to live safely.”

“Bravo to all cis conservative men boycotting Tampax. Good luck to you in this endeavour,” tweeted former The Human Rights Campaign press secretary Charlotte Clymer.

Mulvaney, who gained more than 8 million followers on TikTok after launching her ‘Days of Girlhood’ series where she shared her journey as a transgender woman, also faced backlash after speak with President Joe Biden about trans health care in America.

She also recently went viral for reply to comments made by Caitlyn Jenner ridiculing her for “normalize” its transition on line.

Newsweek has contacted Tampax for comment.

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