Brandon College alumni sponsor new annual conference at Brandon University

October 16, 2022

Dr. Arnold and Mrs. Glenyce Tweed

A new flagship event is on the Brandon University calendar next fall, thanks to alumni sponsorship of a new public lecture announced at Homecoming this weekend.

The JRC Evans Memorial Distinguished Lectureship will welcome experts, authors and other compelling speakers to deliver public lectures at BU, starting when returning home next year.

Dr Arnold and Ms Glenyce Tweed are sponsoring the inaugural conference next year. Both are members of the Class of 1959 at Brandon College, the predecessor of Brandon University. The President of Brandon College during their studies was Dr. JRC Evans, a renowned educator and administrator who led the College for three decades and played a key role in guiding it through the Depression. He died in 1960.

“A public lecture on topics of real community interest can help blend the local community with the academic. It’s a joint project,” said Dr Tweed. “We can help show the community that the university is more than an ivory tower. Brandon University is a place where real world problems are discussed and real solutions are developed.

The Evans Lecture will host free lectures on campus where the community will mingle with university students and faculty to hear speakers on hot topics.

“It can be inspiring for students and a dose of real-world interest,” added Cam Davreux, a graduate of the class of 1959, who also supports the Evans lecture. “This is a wonderful opportunity for the university to show its value to the community, and it fits perfectly with the university’s new strategic plan.

The proposal grew out of luncheons that UB President David Docherty regularly hosts with committed alumni across the country.

“I am very moved that we have alumni who are continually thinking about ways in which BU can expand our reach in this way,” Docherty said. “That’s exactly what presidents hope for when we visit graduates. It will be a very satisfying event next year.

The new Evans Lecture was announced at the Homecoming 2022 Awards Banquet on Saturday evening at BU’s Harvest Hall, and the first lecture is scheduled for next fall at Homecoming 2023.

Alumni and other friends of Brandon University are invited to lend their own support to the conference and ensure that it is able to attract the highest quality speakers year after year, by making a donation online at BrandonU.ca/Give.

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