British Cycling says new partnership with Shell will help achieve net zero target

British Cycling has signed an eight-year partnership with the energy company (Getty Images)

British cycling signed an eight-year partnership with the energy company Shell which the governing body says will accelerate its path to net zero.

The deal, which starts this month and runs until the end of 2030, includes a specific investment by Shell in a new program called “Limitless” which aims to increase access to cycling for people with disabilities.

At a time when sustainability in cycling has become a huge talking point, partnering with a major energy company will raise obvious questions, but British Cycling said it was an opportunity to tap into Shell’s expertise following the company’s investment in its own net zero projects.

Part of the deal will see Shell help British Cycling switch to a fleet of electric vehicles.

British Cycling chief executive Brian Facer said: “We look forward to working alongside Shell UK over the rest of this decade to broaden access to the sport, support our elite riders and help our organization and our sport to take important steps towards net zero – things we know our members are incredibly passionate about.

“As part of our new business programme, this partnership with Shell UK provides powerful support for cycling, will help us improve and inspire more people to consider cycling and cyclists.”

Shell will not replace HSBC, British Cycling’s main sponsor until the Tokyo Olympics, and the company logo will not have the same prominence on the team’s kit.

The governing body continues to seek a lead partner, but feels it is in a stronger position by having multiple partners and not being dependent on a single outside organization.

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