Brownstone NYC and Schelton Assoumou sponsor the 2022 Universal Hip-Hop Parade at Bed Stuy Brooklyn

Brownstone NYC team members supporting the parade

Brownstone 2022 Parade Float

Schelton Assoumou and Brownstone NYC sponsor parade to raise awareness of availability of housing resources for community development

It’s been a great experience to be able to give back to our community and create an impact for those in need.

—Schelton Assoumou

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, October 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CEO and longtime Brooklyn resident, Schelton Assumou and his team at Brownstone NYC were proud sponsors of the Universal Hip Hop Parade in Brooklyn. This event was a community benefit and an opportunity to celebrate hip-hop through social activism. Brownstone’s involvement in this event was important to those seeking housing solutions, including landlords, real estate brokers, lawyers and real estate investors.

Beginning at Pulaski Street, where Brownstone has 2 active joint ventures with owners who have lived there for over 30 years, the parade route continued down Marcus Garvey Boulevard, through the heart of Bed Stuy to the Restoration Plaza in Fulton Street. .

Brownstone NYC has an international team of over 40 people, with staff residing in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. The event was special for the team as it allowed the organization to give back to the community and introduce the business and services to local homeowners who may be looking for an opportunity to redevelop their property and create generational wealth.

Along with Platinum Recording Group’s DJ Grandmaster Dee, Whodini, Brownstone’s float rode the parade route in Brooklyn. The Brownstone team reached out to over 200 homeowners and residents sharing information and solutions to help them build generational wealth, primarily by maximizing their home equity and improving the value of their properties.

The number of homeowners of color residing in Brooklyn neighborhoods has declined significantly as property values ​​have increased.

As many homeowners celebrate the appreciation in value of their property, the cost of losing the essence and character of their community has left many questions about how their children would afford to live in the neighborhoods. they grew up in, and whether the new culture represents the values ​​that made their homes special as children.

This loss of community leaders and residents has left the remaining homeowners searching for a way to take advantage of the new demand to live in neighborhoods like Flatbush, Crown Heights and Bedford Stuyvesant. Traditional investors often present attractive terms to landlords with the intention of having them hand over their development deed, only to end up with a fraction of the value once the deal closes.

Our communities deserve to maintain the presence and history of the people who have helped shape the neighbourhoods.

Homeowners deserve to work with investors who want to help them retain housing and transfer equity to the next generation. This transparency brings the ability to negotiate towards a common goal of maximum value for all parties involved.

Brownstone NYC sponsored a float in the parade which featured teammates and a local DJ. The team distributed educational materials to residents to help them understand the value of real estate joint ventures and how to obtain a no-obligation appraisal of their property.

Schelton Assoumou, longtime Franklin Avenue resident and CEO of Brownstone NYC, is proud to help real estate brokers, attorneys, and homeowners find solutions where others are leaving.

His family started with a single-family home that was sold prematurely for an offer that seemed tempting at the time. It was only after the developer had multiplied his profits many times over what his family had received, that he realized the impact of the lost equity that many owners were giving away due to a lack of understanding and resources.

Schelton Assoumou, CEO of Brownstone NYC, said, “It’s been a great experience to be able to give back to our community and create impact for those in need.”

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