Buffalo Sabres: No need to worry about next jersey crest sponsor

The Buffalo Sabers are looking to partner with the Legends Company to find a corporate sponsor whose team will wear the advertisement as a jersey patch.

In 2022-23, the controversial NHL jersey crest program allowed teams to partner with a company as a jersey crest sponsor. You may have noticed these sponsorship patches on the chests of several NHL teams this season. Or maybe you didn’t notice anything.

There have been many complaints within the NHL community about the addition of these tiny jersey patches, which in most cases are hard to see unless you specifically look for them. Since the start of the 2022-23 NHL season, I’ve only noticed one that really doesn’t seem to belong: the Highmark logo on the Pittsburgh Penguins home jersey. Blue does not go well with black.

other than that, I saw the patches, and they don’t look completely out of place. And that’s why I’m generally not worried about the Sabers snapping up a patch from a corporate sponsor.

Dear Buffalo Sabers fans, no need to worry about a patch

Sponsorship ads on uniforms aren’t new, as we’ve seen in the AHL. We’ve also seen them on NFL training camp jerseys, and the NBA has been wearing them for a few years now. These ads, which are often between three and five inches in size, are barely visible and detract little from the overall uniform aesthetic.

However, I understand the worry and concern. Take a look at a European hockey league and you’ll see billboards on the ice every night. So much that I can’t even watch the Liiga or the SHL because the uniforms and the ice have so many ads it literally gives me a headache.

That said, I highly doubt the NHL will turn into this – we can keep the walking (or driving) billboards in NASCAR. One of the reasons I don’t see that happening is that the NBA has yet to expand its advertising program, which in 2017 I was 99.9% sure was going to happen.

Needless to say, I was annoyed with their initial ad program in the NBA. But given his general lack of growth, I don’t mind. So maybe I should rename this article: Buffalo Sabers: No need to worry about the next jersey patch sponsor UNLESS the NHL starts transforming into NASCAR or European hockey.

I can live with a little commercial that I can barely see when I watch the games. It’s just like flashing boards – in fact, they don’t bother me because there are times when you’re looking at whiteboards and it’s kind of refreshing. Now, if the NHL starts allowing teams to put ads on jerseys, pants, and even skates, then I’m going to have a problem.

Source of the article: While Leading Bills Stadium Project, Legends Team Up With Sabers by Michael Petro

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