Campaign against Chevron’s sponsorship of Australia Day

Chevron staff influence selection of Australian of the Year

  • The National Australia Day Council is sponsored by the American oil company – the world’s second largest greenhouse gas polluter
  • A campaign has been launched to demand that Chevron be dropped as a sponsor of the National Australia Day Council (NADC).

    Chevron is the ‘diversity and inclusion’ partner of NADC, which organizes Australia Day events and the Australian of the Year awards.

    This follows revelations that Grace Tame, refused to attend Chevron events despite being the 2021 Australian of the Year.

    “They’re offering you a capped $40,000 in travel reimbursement on the condition that you do free gigs for their sponsors, which are, Chevron…noooo, no way, no.

    “So I did a few free gigs for their other Australia Day councils in the states and territories, one of which was in Perth and the day they wanted me to do something for Chevron, and I just said ‘nup’ and I didn’t don’t,” she said.

    As part of the sponsorship agreement, Chevron has representatives in state agencies who choose Australia of the Year recipients. Analysis has revealed that the 2022 State and Territory Selection Boards with Chevron staff (WA, NT, QLD) did not recognize any Australians who had worked in climate and environment in any category, but all the others (ACT, NSW, TAS, VIC) did.

    Belinda Noble, founder of Comms Declare said;

    “Chevron’s sponsorship shows that our national brand is for sale, as well as the government’s climate credibility.

    “Chevron is the second biggest greenhouse gas polluter in the world and paid just $30 in income tax last year while raking in more than $9 billion.”

    “It is hard to imagine a less appropriate sponsor for a national event than a fossil fuel company whose pollution is actively causing the destruction of our Australian way of life and our natural wonders.

    “It is clear that Chevron staff are influencing the selection of Australians of the Year and this is preventing recognition of citizens working on the biggest challenge facing the country – global warming.

    “We need a tobacco-style ban on all fossil fuel sponsorships to untangle our public institutions from this polluting influence,” she added.

    FACTS: Chevron Sponsorship

    • Chevron was announced as NADC’s first “domestic diversity and inclusion” partner in early 2020.

    • Between 2020 and 2021, NADC cash sponsorship revenue increased from $1,601,705 to $2,729,950.

    • Chevron’s logo is most visible on the NADC website and its chief executive spoke at the 2022 Australia of the Year awards ceremony.

    • In 2020-2021, NADC received nearly $30 million ($30,759,076) in public funding and its two leaders (CEO and COO) received more than half a million dollars ($521,847) in wages and benefits.

    • Chevron also funds Auspire, the Australia Day organization for Western Australia.

    • Chevron staff currently sit on the Australian of the Year selection committees in the NT, QLD and WA. In 2021, there was also a Chevron delegate on the SA Selection Board.

    • The NADC is a not-for-profit government corporation under the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

    • InfluenceMap ranks Chevron as the big oil company with the second-lowest political alignment with the Paris Agreement – ​​while pushing for increased oil and gas extraction.

    In solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we recognize that for many, January 26 is not a day of celebration. We pledge to be part of the journey of truth, treaty and the voice of a common nation that we can all be proud of.

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