Campfire Social Launches IGNITE Exhibitor and Sponsor Engagement Platform!

CampfireSocial, a private professional network designed for member-based or participant-driven organizations to form meaningful connections, unveiled IGNITE!, software designed to strengthen industry relationships between exhibitors, sponsors and event organizers via a private networking platform.

Using CampfireSocial technology, IGNITE! streamlines the engagement experience for exhibitors, industry partners and sponsors so they can network directly among peers, form strategic partnerships, identify other companies for cross-collaboration opportunities or joint responses to RFPs, establish referral relationships and more.

“Exhibitors attend events to convert attendees into buyers, but they also attend the formation of strategic partnerships with other exhibitors for lead generation and cross-collaboration opportunities,” said Erica Bishaf, Founder and CEO. by CampfireSocial. “Now is the time to deliver a comprehensive one-year solution that enables our most valued industry partners to cultivate these relationships, and IGNITE! is that platform.”

CampfireSocial delivers advanced data and analytics to an organization through a combined social media and e-commerce interface that drives ongoing stakeholder engagement. Leveraging this platform design, IGNITE! offers exhibitors and sponsors:

  • Curated suggestions of the most valuable strategic partners
  • Monthly onboarding webinars
  • Possibilities to seek partners to complete their activity
  • Groups dedicated to their needs
  • A home to nurture cultivated relationships at events
  • Daily engagement with other industry professionals
  • Personalized educational content

“The IGNITE! product is what many of us who exhibit at trade shows have always needed,” said Brian Arnone, senior consultant at Events Center, a sponsorship marketplace and management platform for live event organizers. “It eliminates the noise and allows us to stay focused on meeting and collaborating with our partners to bring complementary solutions to our customers.”

About CampfireSocial

CampfireSocial is the first-of-its-kind social networking and e-commerce platform designed for verticals and industry organizations to cultivate communities and drive revenue growth. The platform encourages social interactivity through in-depth relationship building, formation of discussion and shopping groups, 24/7 e-commerce transactions, and community-aggregated learning designed around the way users already interact with other social platforms.

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