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Castrol ON and Jaguar Formula E Racing team up to usher in a new era for electric vehicles

Wakefield Canada has introduced the new Castrol ON product line in Canada to enable e-vehicles to go further, faster, longer with greater efficiency, cooler batteries and longer life. The three e-fluids available are:

Castrol ON, e-Greases: Castrol ON™, e-Greases play a vital role in maintaining peak efficiency and extending component life.1

Castrol ON, e-Thermal Fluids: Castrol ON, e-Thermal Fluids for batteries improve thermal management, keeping batteries cooler and at more stable temperatures, even in extreme conditions.2

Castrol ON, electronic transmission fluids: Castrol ON, e-Transmission fluids provide better transmission protection, improve efficiency, help EVs go further on a single charge and help extend overall transmission system life.

Castrol provides the oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs, for every driver, every rider and every industry. It’s more than oil. It’s liquid engineering. For more information on Canada’s number one motor oil brand, visit To find out more about how Castrol ON can meet your company’s EVolution needs, please contact [email protected].

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