City Council to Sponsor CDBG Bid for Jamestown Project

JAMESTOWN – Jamestown City Council has unanimously approved sponsorship of an application for a Community Development Block Grant for the Jamestown Seniors’ Apartment project.

The Monday, Oct. 3, city council action also authorizes the mayor and city administrator to apply for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the North Dakota Community Services Division.

Dan Madler, CEO of Beyond Shelter Inc., has requested the support of the City of Jamestown to be the sponsoring entity for the CDBG application for the Jamestown Senior Apartments project.

“The source of funding I’m looking for is the CDBG fund, but it’s the CDBG funds that flow through the governor’s office,” he said. “I have received… news that the governor is very interested in investing a significant amount of CDBG money in the projects… and to move this forward we would need a local entity to be a sponsor. … As for the dollar amount we’re talking about (over $1.6 million), it contains funds to help with the administrative work that comes with the funds.

Beyond Shelter is a North Dakota nonprofit affordable housing developer, Madler said. He said Beyond Shelter has developed quality housing projects statewide in Bismarck, Burlington, Dickinson, Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot and West Fargo.

The Jamestown Senior Apartments project has three components. When the project is complete, there will be two additional buildings of 36 units each intended for affordable housing for seniors.

The first part concerns the Legacy Living Center. He said Beyond Shelter was negotiating to take ownership of 20 existing affordable senior housing units inside the Legacy Living Center. He said the 20 units receive federal assistance from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Seniors Supportive Housing Program.

“Due to the 202 rental assistance which comes with certain rental restrictions, which complicate the development and/or redevelopment of the entire project, our Legacy Living Center, as it is overlaid with federal regulations “, said Madler. “Basically, our intention is to take over ownership of the (20 units), continue to operate and support the 20 affordable seniors housing units.

Just under half of the Legacy Living Center has rental restrictions because all 20 units receive federal assistance from the federal Section 202 program, Madler said. The other part of the Legacy Living Center does not have housing and urban development programs limiting the use of the property.

The Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program helps expand the supply of affordable housing with supportive services for older adults, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development website. The website says the program provides very low-income seniors with options that allow them to live independently, but in an environment that provides support activities such as cleaning, cooking and transportation.

The second part of the project includes using CDBG funding to acquire a site or two to develop high-quality, affordable seniors’ housing in Jamestown, Madler said. He did not name a site but said he had conversations with a local realtor and other representatives in Jamestown to identify a site or two.

Upon completion of the senior housing development project, the Section 202 Seniors Supportive Housing Program rental assistance that is used for 20 units of the Legacy Living Center would be transferred to the new senior housing unit.

“The new building is proposed to be 36 units,” Madler said. “Of these 36 units, 20 of them would benefit from rental assistance.”

Beyond Shelter will also work with existing tenants of the Legacy Living Center to relocate them to the new senior housing. Once existing tenants move into new housing, the entire Legacy Living Center will not be restricted by regulations and government program participation requirements.

“I know negotiations are ongoing for a future owner and hopefully there will be a public announcement in the coming weeks,” Madler said. “By removing that layer of subsidy and/or regulation it would really allow this Legacy Living Center to be fully developed for the community and at the same time you would preserve that rental assistance and move it to a brand new building and in fact to a building with more than 20 apartments. »

The third component of the project includes the development of another 36-unit project that will target affordable housing for seniors.

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