Crypto.com is going to sponsor the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. What does this mean for new cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin?

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is fast approaching and billions of people are expected to watch the event. The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia saw 3.572 billion people tune in to watch 32 countries compete for World Cup glory. France eventually emerged victorious after a thrilling 4-2 win over Croatia in the final.

With so many people watching the event, it’s no surprise that companies are vying to be the official sponsor. Adidas was the sponsor of the previous World Cup. However, Crypto.com will go down in history as the first crypto platform to sponsor such a colossal event. So what does this mean for new cryptocurrencies like Big Eyed Coin (BIG) as crypto adoption and advertising increase?

Big Eyes Coin is a new meme token destined for greatness in the crypto market. The platform exudes sustainability while prioritizing wealth transfer in the DeFi ecosystem. Big Eyes Coin is in the early stages of its crypto journey. However, the platform could benefit from crypto advertisements for monumental events.

Could Big Eyes Coin be the next World Cup sponsor?

Big Eyes Coin entered the market as a fan favorite in 2022. The platform aims to grow exponentially to become the most talked about meme coin by 2030. Big Eyes Coin has already experienced the success thanks to its highly anticipated pre-sale, raising $9.87 million at the time. From writing.

The platform is heavily involved in charity work and the creation of NFTs, with plans to host an NFT collection in the top ten projects while regularly donating to various charities. Hosting an NFT collection in the top ten projects will undoubtedly increase the market capitalization of Big Eyes Coin to gigantic heights, increasing its fame in the crypto market.

If Big Eyes Coin continues its dedicated charity work and market growth, we could see the first meme token officially sponsor the World Cup. Big Eyes Coin has already placed advertisements in New York’s Times Square, helping the platform reach a wave of new users. If Big Eyes Coin sponsors the next World Cup, the traction for Big Eyes Coin will increase exponentially.

Want to know more about Big Eyes Coin? Watch the video below!

Cronos rises after news from World Cup sponsor Crypto.com

Cronos has had a hectic week so far. The crypto giant is down 34.76% in the past seven days. However, with the Qatar World Cup fast approaching, the platform has taken a sudden turn. Cronos has increased its market capitalization by 6.04% in the last twenty-four hours at the time of writing.

The sudden change in Cronos shows how turbulent the crypto market can be and how the slightest bit of news can change the trajectory of a cryptocurrency. Although Cronos still has some time before returning to its pre-crash level, the platform is showing strong signs of recovery, prompting users to “buy the dip” with Cronos.

When users access Crypto.com, the platform where Cronos is the native currency, they will find a range of services that will help them access multiple sectors of the crypto industry. From NFT and Web3 to an app and an exchange, Crypto.com does it all!

Final Thoughts

Crypto.com has set a precedent for other cryptocurrencies to become official sponsors of colossal events. New cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin could take advantage of this by growing in the coming years to potentially become the next official sponsor of the World Cup in 2026.

Those who purchase Big Eyes Coin using code “BIGE969” at checkout can get 5% bonus tokens with their order!

For more information about Big Eyes Coin (BIG), please visit the following links:

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

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