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Dance teachers call on companies to sponsor children forced to give up their hobbies due to the cost of living crisis

The worrying situation has prompted dance teachers Joanna Hilton and Cristina Salvatore to appeal to local businesses to help sponsor some students who have had to leave recently. The couple, who run Mini Moverz in Poulton, hope the appeal will inspire caring businesses in Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde to come forward to help pupils in need so they can continue with their lessons.

Viva Blackpool is already sponsoring a child who had to stop dating due to his family’s financial difficulties.

And Joanna said she was aware that more and more children are missing out on essential exercises for friendship, fun and well-being. She said: “We know this is a very difficult time for many families and it is a sensitive subject.

Joanna Hilton and Cristina Salvatore of the Mini Moverz Dance Studio in Poulton are looking for sponsors to help young people get dance lessons

“We felt that some of our regulars were struggling and we really wanted these kids to continue and grow in their education and dance pursuits.

“It’s such a shame that they have to miss these classes and wanted to approach local businesses to sponsor children and families who can’t afford to pay for classes at the moment.

“Viva is currently sponsoring one of our young students to come to Mini Moverz classes as he was going to have to stop coming as the family could not afford to send him.

“We have families coming to see us who just can’t afford anything at the moment, even a mum last week said she couldn’t even afford to take them to soft play.

Joanna Hilton and Cristina Salvatore opened the Mini Moverz Dance Studio in Poulton in January

“We know things are very difficult at the moment and are appealing to any local business or kind-hearted person who can help us; we would be very grateful.

“These classes are a lifeline of activity and friendship for many children and good exercise that they would miss.”

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Mini Moverz offers hip hop style dance lessons for toddlers up to 10 years old.

Dance classes are available from toddlers to 10 years old

Joanna added: “Cristina and I started a new business last January because we love teaching young children dance and we wanted to share our skills and talents with the next generation.

“We are a small company called Mini Moverz and we wanted to help with mobility for young children and encourage exercise which has been great for the mental health and general well-being of the children. “We teach dance classes hip hop style fun with cool music, learning new basic dance steps, freezes and hip hop skills.

“For younger children, we use lots of props to keep them engaged throughout class.” Classes are for ages from walking, toddlers and up to 10 years old. We give kids access to express themselves and enjoy music and movement in a fun and cool way without the restrictions that some ballet and dance classes have.

“Please contact us if you can help sponsor some of the young students who find it difficult to attend dance classes and we will be very diplomatic and understanding.” You can contact Joanna on their Mini Moverz Poulton Facebook page.

Classes have a fun hip hop style
Joanna Hilton and Cristina Salvatore appeal to local businesses to act as godparents for children whose families are struggling with the cost of living crisis

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