Envision Physician Services and Qure.ai Sponsor AI After Dark – An Artificial Intelligence Symposium Featuring Renowned International Radiologists

NASHVILLE, Tennessee and NEW YORK–()–Envision Physician Services (part of Envision Healthcare Corporation), a leading national medical group, and Qure.ai, a leading global artificial intelligence company, sponsor AI After Dark, the annual intellectual gathering of leaders clinics and industry regarding the use of innovative technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), in the delivery of high quality patient care.

More than 100 radiologists and various healthcare professionals from around the world will gather to discuss the current and future state of AI in radiology. It is held in conjunction with the 108th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA 2022) in Chicago. Radiology professionals around the world can watch the live chat here on the evening of Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

“We are thrilled to host this highly regarded event, which brings together radiology leaders to discuss AI with a clinical and philosophical approach while fostering thought leadership and camaraderie,” said Dr. Samir Shah, Director Teleradiology Clinic and Senior Vice President of Radiology at Envision Physician Services. “This is a truly transformative time in medicine. Physicians are able to harness technology and AI like never before to improve high-quality patient-centered care. As our national medical cluster continues to expand our use of AI, we remain focused on providing patients with the most timely and clinically appropriate care while improving patient outcomes and safety and sharing best practices with the radiology community as defined wide.

“At Qure.ai, we strongly believe that radiologists and clinicians are at the heart of our innovations, and our solutions serve them and patients,” said Prashant Warier, co-founder and CEO of Qure.ai. “Therefore, AI After Dark is an optimal setting where we bring together the best minds in radiology and AI to discuss and deliberate on some pressing concerns and celebrate impressive victories in the field.”

The moderator, Dr Saurabh Jha of the University of Pennsylvania, explained why the event has few parallels. “AI After Dark is unique. The speakers are the public itself and not a group of experts. We will have cross discussions between various stakeholders, such as technology CEOs and practicing radiologists. It’s like a board meeting for all of radiology. It’s rare.

“AI After Dark brings together visionary minds from multiple healthcare fields, including world-renowned academic centers and leading private practices, with industry innovators and private equity,” added the AI ​​After Dark. host, Dr. Ajay Kohli, of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical. Center. “The diversity of thinking at previous AI After Dark events has led to several meaningful relationships between clinical medicine and industry leaders. We are thrilled to partner with Envision and Qure.ai for this year’s AI After Dark.

About Envision Medical Services

Envision Physician Services is a leading multi-specialty medical group and healthcare services team specializing in anesthesia, emergency medicine, hospital medicine, radiology, surgical services and women’s health services and children. His clinical leadership guides evidence-based practices to provide integrated, cost-effective care and improve patient outcomes. Envision Physician Services partners with facilities across the country and employs or engages more than 25,000 clinicians. To learn more about Envision Physician Services, a division of Envision Healthcare Corporation, visit www.EnvisionPhysicianServices.com.

About Qure.ai

Qure.ai is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider that disrupts the “status quo” of radiology by improving imaging accuracy and improving health outcomes using assisted tools per machine. Qure.ai leverages deep learning technology to provide automated interpretation of radiological exams such as X-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds and MRIs for time and resource-strapped medical imaging professionals, enabling faster diagnosis and treatment speed. Qure.ai helps make healthcare more accessible and affordable for patients around the world.

About AI After Dark

AI After Dark is an annual intellectual gathering, bringing together leading minds from clinical medicine, industry as well as private equity, to explore the use of innovative technologies, in particular artificial intelligence (AI), in health care. Hosted by Dr. Saurabh Jha and Dr. Ajay Kohli, this invitation-only event brings together diverse minds to foster meaningful collaborations.

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