Established Headlines: Scam or Legit Sponsorship on YouTube?

YouTube is currently the most popular video platform in the world. Content creators have played a fundamental role in the growth of the platform.

Once content creators get a certain number of views and subscribers to their channels, they start to get the attention of brands for advertising purposes.

Paid advertising has become one of the main monetization methods for many channels. However, they have to be very careful with what they advertise, but unfortunately this does not happen in all cases.

One of the most recent controversies on YouTube is that of “established titles”. In this article, we’ll tell you what it is and what we know so far.

Controversy over established titles on YouTube sponsorships

It all started when some companies started offering established titles. According to the companies, the titles issued would enable you to become a ‘landowner’ in Scotland.

The sellers promised potential buyers that the established titles would allow them to own a block of land in Scotland. Not only that, but they would even allow them to obtain the title of lord or lady.

Companies selling established titles claim that, thanks to some legal loopholes in tree planting funding, you could become the rightful owner of a certain piece of Scottish land.


The topic became more popular when established title companies started paying sponsorships to some top YouTube channels. This has sparked the interest of thousands (or millions) of subscribers to these channels.

Unfortunately, the case is nothing more than a scam and it seems that some people have already fallen for it.

Sponsored Established Titles: A Scam or Something Legit?

In the end, the promised established credentials appear to be just a “digital certificate” with no real value.

Firstly, the purchasers will not rightfully own any land in Scotland. In fact, these are not even recognized by the Scottish government.

Of course, this also means buyers won’t be able to obtain the official title of lord or lady through them. In fact, doing something like this is not legally possible, as the requirements are different.


Established titles are a scam

They are unrecognized and don’t plant a tree, they just give you a novelty certificate which you have to pay extra for, if you want a physical certificate you have to pay extra.

And you can’t even become a lord or lady as they claim because they are not legally recognized by Scotland and there is no way for them to transfer ownership of land,

Regarding one of the established titles of Muta’s sponsor

As noted in a comment response in muta’s recent video where it was sponsored by established titles, it seems that established titles are a bit sketchy.

one of the points mentioned was that it’s not legally possible to get ownership of a very small piece of land in Scotland, which kind of means it’s just a cool looking certificate, which is a bit misleading when you say you get physical land

Where do companies selling established securities come from?

Fortunately, some YouTube channels have dedicated themselves to investigating to shed light on the matter. The information they managed to find is quite interesting and revealing.

It seems that the main seller of established titles (and the one who pays for sponsorships on major YouTube channels) is nothing more than a Hong Kong-based fraudulent company.

In the past, this company was dedicated to the auction sector with rather questionable practices. For example, users who participated in their auctions had to pay for each auction, even if they lost it.

The company also sold counterfeits of original products, which led to legal action. Following legal proceedings, the company decided to move its headquarters to Hong Kong (where the legislation is different).

As a result, from their new location, they began selling the established Scottish titles.

We hope this story helped clear your doubts about whether established sponsored titles on YouTube are something real or a scam. Feel free to leave your opinion about it in the comment box.

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