Explained: What is Fulham’s new sponsor, Titan Capital Markets, and why is an Australian authority looking into it?

Australia’s financial services regulator is looking into licensing issues relating to Fulham’s new sponsor, Titan Capital Markets, and the company’s website has been blocked from viewing from the UK and US.

Fulham’s Supporters’ Trust called for greater due diligence around the signing of future deals in light of the partnership with Titan, but saw their request to be represented on an ethics committee rejected.

In September, Fulham announced they had reached an agreement with Australian firm Titan Capital Markets to become their Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading partner for the remainder of the 2022-23 season.

A CFD trading company speculates on the underlying price of an asset, such as stocks, commodities or foreign exchange markets.

Titan Capital Markets states on its website that it is an “integrated, educational financial group”, combining financial education courses and trading programs from which they charge a commission.

However, a range of concerns have emerged about the company, including potential violations of the licenses it operates under and potentially misleading claims about its licensed status. On Thursday, the company’s website was blocked for viewers in the UK, US and Australia.

Fulham’s press release marking the deal said that Titan Capital Markets’ official charity, the Titan Foundation, will cooperate with the Fulham Football Club Foundation, the club’s charitable arm, to provide support for children and families in need. served in the fields of education, health and social services.

However, how this will happen in practice is unclear. An Instagram post for the Titan Foundation only appeared on October 6 after The Athletic asked about the charity and there are no references to them on the company’s website.


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