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Formula 1 | Audiences, income, spectacle: F1 “ignites” for Zak Brown – US Sports

It is enough to see the McLaren full of sponsors to be convinced: sport, in particular thanks to Liberty Media’s strategy of winning back young people, women and digital technology, is very attractive for sponsors.

Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren Racing, confirms it: F1 has never been so “pro-business”.

“I’ve never seen Formula 1 so ‘hot’, ever. I’ve run McLaren for six years, but I’ve known the sport for 25 years. That’s a fact, not an opinion. TV audiences are in We have a record number of Grands Prix, more people want more Grands Prix than we can offer.”

“The teams want to enter the sport, new manufacturers want to come: Porsche, Audi. The digits on digital blow the ceiling. Partnerships with the biggest global brands are exploding, brands that have never been present in this sport: Google, Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Dell, Coca-Cola. All races are sold out. Sport is on fire. »

While the new 2022 aerodynamic regulations will be imposed, Zak Brown also sees the gaps closing on the grid… and the spectacle and the public increasing proportionally. In short, if F1 is in great shape, the future looks just as bright for him.

“It can only get stronger. That’s what excites me the most. Each Grand Prix is ​​going to be tighter and tighter because of the cost cap. All 10 teams have never been healthier, and they belong to people and groups that can afford to be in Formula 1.”

“What happens is that when the rules stabilize, everyone catches up. In the last 20 years, two teams have always fought for the championship. For 10 years, it’s almost a team with two teammates fighting for the championship. I think when the races are more competitive, the number of spectators increases, which means more media, more sponsors, more countries that want races. All of this will only strengthen this momentum.”

“It’s also thanks to the budget cap and everything Liberty Media has done to fix the economic structure of the sport.”

If we take a closer look at TV audiences, the growth of F1 is also very strong in the priority market of the USA (+ 54% between 2020 and 2021). Has the American Zak Brown seen the consequences also in the ease of finding new American sponsors?

“One hundred percent. You have three sources of income: there is the money you receive from Formula 1, that of your sponsors, then the licenses and the digital, etc. A little more than half of our income comes from of our partner companies, and they have quintupled since 2016.”

Are there synergies in the McLaren sponsors, between the IndyCar team and the F1 team?

“Yes, without a doubt. This is one of the main reasons we acquired a Formula E team from Mercedes. We were the first, and so far the only, [équipe de F1] at Far E. We are the only F1 team to have an IndyCar team. Our logic is as follows: whatever the importance of Formula 1 in North America, we want to have the largest North American platform because of the importance of this market for the majority of our commercial partners and our fans. »

“When I look at our racing portfolio, Formula 1 is our center of gravity, but IndyCar allows us to increase the share of North America, and Formula E and Extreme E allow us to highlight the “our partners’ commitment to sustainability. All of these elements are very complementary in trying to create the most exciting racing team in the world.”

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