Fostering Connections Finding Sponsors for Children’s Christmas Wish Lists

A Green Country nonprofit is asking for help to ensure thousands of Oklahoma’s foster children have a good Christmas.

Fostering Connections, a Tulsa-based nonprofit that works with social workers and parents to meet the needs of foster children, is calling for sponsors for its biggest program of the year.

Dana Suggs has seven children, some biological and some in foster care.

“It’s wonderful, it’s busy, it’s chaotic, it’s beautiful and tragic and tiring,” Suggs said with a laugh.

She receives support from Fostering Connections.

This time of year, Fostering Connections is focusing on Fostering Joy, which provides gifts to thousands of foster children in Oklahoma.

“Children in foster care can have a tougher time just because they lost everything they had,” Suggs said.

This year, Fostering Connections expects a greater need: approximately 3,000 children to submit wish lists.

He says an additional 1,000 sponsors are needed to fill each child’s list, which ranges from $75 to $150.

Staff said that due to inflation, they had to increase the amount of donations.

Suggs says the program really helps his family.

“It’s really nice to know that someone thinks about these kids as much as I do, and it’s tough this time of year anyway,” Suggs said.

You can help in three ways: sponsor a child’s wishlist, purchase specific items from a wishlist, or donate money.

Gifts must be unwrapped and are due December 2 at the Fostering Connections Resource Center at 51st and Harvard during business hours.

Sponsor a Child’s Wish List HERE

Buy items from a wishlist HERE

Make a monetary donation HERE:


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