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Fundraising Friday – Research and Engagement

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It’s new funding Friday! Check out some of the grants awarded by the Office of Sponsored Programs over the past week.

$475,916. Renee Norris, Center for Housing and Community Studies. Tenant Education Mediation Project (TEAM). Sponsor: County of Guilford.

$318,671 (ongoing price, $956,013 total). Ramji Bhandari, Biology. Germline transmission of epigenetic alterations to offspring. Sponsor: HHS NIH National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

$165,000.00 (ongoing award, $330,000 total). Sherine Obare, Nanosciences; Dan Herr. NNCI: Southeast Nanotechnology Infrastructure Corridor (SENIC). Sponsor: Georgia Institute of Technology.

$130,995. Edna Tan, Teacher Education and Higher Education. Support Consecutive Learning in Middle School STEM Through Legitimate Parental Presence. Sponsor: University of Michigan.

$109,999 (continuous price). Julia Mendez Smith, psychology. National Center for Research on Hispanic Children and Families. Sponsor: Child Trends.

$61,707. Aileen Reid, Educational Research Methodology. Ensuring success in academia for underrepresented faculty to advance biomedical science research. Sponsor: Vanderbilt University.

$60,109 (continuous price). Julie Edmunds, SERVE; Bryan Hutchins. CTE-Year 4 research network and WBL study. Sponsor: American Institutes of Research.

$40,993 (continuing price, $81,119 total). Dan Herr, Nanosciences. Nanotechnology to inspire the next generation of skilled workforce in bioindustry. Sponsor: BioMADE.

$27,000 (continuing award, $54,000 total). Rosemery Gray, Psychology; Susan Kean. New arrivals UNCG Psychology IPG Contract 2022-2023. Sponsor: Guilford County Schools.

$17,189 (continuing price, $59,819 total). Melissa Floyd-Pickard, social work. GC DPH 2019 Overdose Response Team Retention Funding. Sponsor: Guilford County Public Health Department.

$10,000. Amber Vermeesch, nursing. Well-Being Among Communities of Color. Sponsor: American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

$3,000. Amanda Gale, Interior Design. Multisensory environments as a catalyst for student resilience in higher education. Sponsor: Stantec Inc.

$3,000. Jianjun Wei, Nanosciences. A pilot study on herbicide detection using UNCG hybrid SERS nanoprobes. Sponsor: Syngenta.

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