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Gasly reveals bizarre Ugandan sponsor scam trip

Speaking in response to a question at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Gasly recalled that one of the greatest adventures of his life happened when he was looking for a budget to race in GP2.

He claims that in his effort to put together a 2016 sponsorship package to move to Prema, with whom he eventually won the championship, he was tricked into flying to Uganda after being promised support.

“During my GP2 season, I had to find sponsors and I took a trip to Uganda,” explained Gasly.

“I was supposed to meet a guy who wanted to sponsor me because I needed a budget to race with Prema,” Gasly explained.

“It was during the presidential election, so there was a high risk of rebellion in the country. But, if I wanted to race with Prema, I needed to find the money – and I was going.

“I was maybe 19 at the time and within 24 hours we decided to get the tickets, go for 12 hours and meet a stranger – who unfortunately I didn’t meet. He never showed up. We never got the money!

Although the trip turned out to be unnecessary in terms of bringing anything to help Gasly’s sponsorship wallet, he said it still turned into a valuable life experience for him.

“It was a real adventure, because from start to finish, nothing went as planned,” he said.

“I went there with my mum and we thought we were never going to go back to Europe. It was really mind blowing to see the poverty and the conditions these people live in.

“We went through the equivalent of favelas, and it makes you realize how it is in some places in the world, and how poverty affects some of these people.

“I came back with no money. In fact, I lost money on plane tickets. But it was a great life lesson.

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