Glasgow has asked to sponsor vital grocery deliveries for OAPS this winter

The crates will carry essential groceries delivered to struggling seniors this winter.

Glasgow residents can directly support the city’s older people by sponsoring boxes that carry life-saving grocery deliveries to the over-65s to their homes.

Food Train has launched a fundraising campaign to boost its ability to reach more older people across Glasgow and ensure they don’t go without vital shopping supplies during the cost of living crisis.

He declared next month as “BOXtober” – giving people across the city the chance to sponsor boxes that carry essential groceries delivered to those who would otherwise struggle as energy bills continue to rise. ‘increase.

A donation of £10 will sponsor a box for 12 months. The campaign comes as Food Train, like other charities, grapples with rising electricity and fuel costs3 to ensure its volunteers can continue their charitable work.

The charity helps people aged 65 and over to eat and live well at home through their grocery delivery, meal preparation and friendship services.

All money raised locally through BOXtober will go directly to support older people in the Glasgow area as concerns grow in the community about people going without this winter as they battle the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Cost of life.

Emma Black, Food Train National Fundraising and Marketing Manager, said: “Sponsoring a box may seem like a simple act, but it makes a remarkable difference in our work to support older people across Glasgow.

“Our volunteers go above and beyond. They provide solace and reassurance when times are tough – as they are now – and are there to offer support, help and listen to our members/needs.

“As the people who shop and work with try to manage their own finances amid rising costs, we are helping them make cost-effective and different choices when ordering their groceries, to reduce the risk of have to do without.

“At the same time, however, we are faced with our own rising costs. BOXtober can play an important role in helping us answer that. Sponsoring just one box will help us improve the lives of local seniors. »

BOXtober was launched just weeks after Food Train highlighted fears that more local older people are at increased risk of malnutrition as they battle the rising cost of living.

A quarter of its members nationwide who responded to a survey said they buy less food so they can save money to heat their homes as energy prices soar – 60% said that they planned to heat their house less to manage their finances.

Food Train works with over 3,000 older people each year across Scotland. Its grocery service has faced record and sustained demand across the country since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, making more than 60,000 grocery deliveries across Scotland in the past 12 months.

To support the BOXtober campaign – or for more details – visit their website.

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