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Governor Whitmer signs foster care bills

Several bills aimed at improving Michigan’s foster care system are now in effect. They received the governor’s signature on Friday.

The legislation covers a range of topics, from the number of children certain foster care facilities can accommodate, to the legal definition of a “parent” for fostering.

“Together, we are taking action to protect Michigan’s young adoptees by providing them with more forever homes and improving the training of the professionals who work with them,” Governor Gretchen Whitmer said in a written announcement.

In all, the package consisted of a dozen separate invoices. They hope to keep children placed close to adults who may already be part of their support network.

Rep. Mary Whiteford (R-Casco Twp) has sponsored a bill that helps prioritize placement of children with this fictitious parent when possible.

“By expanding the definition of the word ‘parent’, we are ensuring that even if no blood relative is available to foster a child, someone with close emotional ties can be considered instead of the child being placed in the care of a foreign. I so appreciate the work that my colleagues on the Adoption and Fostering Task Force have done to help the children of our state as well as Governor Whitmer’s support,” she said in a press release. separate.

Other parts of the program require trauma-informed training for attorneys who serve on behalf of a foster child. Another enacted bill introduces tax breaks for employers who offer paid adoption leave.

A separate legislative package also got the governor’s signature on Friday. She approved bipartisan legislation that allows some jurisdictions to start pre-processing some of their ballots before Election Day.

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