Haas secures title sponsor for 2023

MoneyGram will become the new title sponsor of the Haas F1 Team in 2023, when it will be known as MoneyGram Haas F1 Team.

“We are thrilled to welcome an incredible brand like MoneyGram as our new title sponsor,” said Gene Haas, Founder and President of Haas F1 Team. “Since entering the F1 World Championship in 2016, Haas F1 Team has earned a reputation for strength, agility and resilience. MoneyGram brings a similar dynamic to the world of financial services, and we stand ready to work together to maximize results on and off the track.”

The two organizations have signed a multi-year agreement for MoneyGram to become the main partner of Haas F1 Team. The new team name will officially come into effect in 2023. Additionally, new team cars with a new livery will be unveiled ahead of next year’s season.

“MoneyGram is a different company than it was five years ago. We have reinvented ourselves to become a global leader in the evolution of cross-border payments through our fast-growing digital business and strong culture of innovation. fintech – and we’re just getting started,” said Alex Holmes, president and CEO of MoneyGram. “We will continue to disrupt ourselves to meet the ever-changing financial needs of consumers, and we are committed to ensuring the world know. That’s why we’re stepping on the accelerator by making our debut in the world of F1 and teaming up. with Gene and Haas.”

MoneyGram, the fastest way to send money around the world, partners with the world’s fastest sport. The company’s recent advancements in advanced technologies and collaborations with some of the world’s most innovative brands strategically align with the world’s most technologically advanced sport.

“Our fans demand speed, and we deliver it, just like MoneyGram delivers to its customers,” said Guenther Steiner. “MoneyGram is a global leader in financial technology and payments and is always striving to push the boundaries of technology. It’s this desire for innovation that really drove us to partner with MoneyGram, and we believe that we will continue to grow together and reach our full potential.”

As the sport of Formula 1 gains momentum, so does MoneyGram. Interest in F1 has skyrocketed in recent years, as evidenced by the competition’s social media channels seeing significant growth and even overtaking the NBA and NFL in terms of new followers. Through this partnership, MoneyGram will benefit from consistent global exposure, as the F1 World Championship runs nearly year-round and results in extensive television coverage nearly every week.

“Through this bold new initiative, we’re meeting our customers and potential new customers right where they are,” said Greg Hall, MoneyGram’s chief marketing officer. “Next year’s shopping schedule has a unique overlap with MoneyGram’s key markets, so we’re excited to unlock new channels to hear from our customers and understand their specific needs. As we seek to capture the growth of new customer segments, we also look forward to the endless opportunities this sponsorship will bring for additional exposure to a broader consumer base.”

A global company with customers in nearly every country in the world, MoneyGram is eager to partner with a leading organization that competes in one of the few truly global sports. The 2023 F1 season will take place over 24 races held in 21 countries on five continents around the world. Countries in next year’s circuit account for nearly 80% of the Company’s transaction value.

Alex Holmes concluded: “We look forward to officially launching our long-term title sponsorship with Haas F1 Team and beginning to collaborate to create exciting and meaningful customer experiences at the intersection of Fintech and Formula 1. Now , let’s go!

MoneyGram and Haas F1 Team announce title sponsorship on the 10th anniversary of the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas.


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