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A quick note to other expecting moms and dads before we share our story: The waiting room is a lonely place. It is a desert, an arid desert. There is only the promise that God will never leave you or forsake you. My friends, no matter what your waiting room looks like, His promises never fail.

We have a stack of Sympathy cards so big we had to clear an entire drawer to put them away. It’s hard to share our story, but we hope others will come out of dark places realizing that you are not alone.

It took about a year to see a positive pregnancy test. The day we finally got our “yes”, we thought the worst was over, but a few weeks later we learned that our baby had lost a heartbeat. We will never forget the sadness and devastation that led us to ask, “Why, God? Why did you abandon us? Little did we know this was the first of four miscarriages that would occur on our journey to parenthood.

We decided long before we got married that we would like to expand our family through adoption, so we started the process after our third loss. It took six months to be matched with a birthmother, and we’ll never forget how thrilled we were to get the call! Unfortunately, this match “failed”, which was difficult in many ways. The prospect of becoming parents to a little girl was gone, along with a considerable amount of money. We always pray for this birth mother and her daughter and wish them nothing but the best.

To say that the path of our lives over the past few years has been painful is an understatement, but we are finally matched with a wonderful birth mother who we hope will continue to choose us until her baby is born. We are sharing our story and reaching out to those who feel called to support us as we need help funding this adoption due to the significant financial loss we suffered when our first game failed. We remain hopeful, trust in the Lord, and sing praises as we watch His promises unfold in our lives.

Thank you for helping us build our family. We look forward to seeing all the good things the Lord has planned for us.

With gratitude,

Cori and Graham

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