Himiway co-hosted a major charity ride with the New England Parkinson’s Ride as title sponsor

Himiway recently partnered with the esteemed New England Parkinson’s Ride to raise $2 million for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

EL MONTE, Calif., October 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Proud moment for Himiway! The first large long-range tire electric bikes The manufacturer recently had the honor of being the title sponsor of the New England Parkinson’s Ride. Himiway collaborated with the prestigious charity ride to achieve the fundraising goal of $2 million for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Himiway’s recent collaboration with New England Parkinson’s Ride marks a historic chapter not only for the Himiway journey, but also for the American e-bike industry. It is for the FIRST time that Himiway is involved in such a great charity race and it is also for the FIRST time that a electric bike brand organized such a charity event.

The 2022 New England Parkinson’s Ride was scheduled for September 10, 2022. As the main sponsor of the event, Himiway sponsored $30,000 for the New England Parkinson’s Ride. The company also sent a cycling team that participated in the 30-mile cycling task for the event. The event also featured Himiway corporate representatives who interviewed Parkinson’s Ride Board Members to understand their mission, vision and goals behind the event.

The Himiway representative pointed out that they encounter customers every day who suffer from circumstances that affect their daily lives, such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, hip and knee injuries, etc. Despite physical limitations, they were able to find light and hope through their rekindled passion for cycling. The representative shared that these inspiring incidents motivate them to take on more social responsibility and support all the brave who suffer from serious mobility-limiting illnesses like Parkinson’s.

After the ride, the New England Parkinson’s Riding Association held a raffle. The winner of the contest took home Himiway’s Zebra, a high-end off-roader electric bike and one of the company’s bestsellers. The award was sponsored by Himiway.

One of the top 3 e-bike manufacturers in the world UNITED STATESHimiway is driven by the goal of fulfilling its global social responsibilities, while ensuring industry-leading long reach fat tire electric bikes and top-notch customer service. Guided by a humanitarian ethos, Himiway looks forward to hosting more such charity events in the months and years to come.

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