“I don’t want to lose sponsorship anymore” – Disguised Toast reveals it lost a sponsor after making a streaming prank

Twitch Streamer Jeremy”Toast in disguise” revealed some information and revealed that he lost a sponsorship after making a questionable joke live.

The conversation started on a recent Hearthstone broadcast when he wanted to hear his viewers’ thoughts on a particular type of humor. After receiving comments, Jeremy said a sponsor pulled out of supporting him for a previous prank:

“I actually found out that I lost sponsorship the other day because I made an afternoon prank. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to lose sponsorship anymore.”

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Disguised Toast asks its community about edgy humor and later reveals it lost a sponsorship because of a dodgy joke

On November 10, 2022, Disguised Toast hosted a Hearthstone stream for their community. He won the set in the 17th minute and the session ended with a flurry of in-game bombs. The well-known Offline TV The member wanted to know more about “unnerving” and asked about giving a particular Heartstone deck an informal nickname:

“Let me ask you a question about pissing off. Like, is it offensive if I call this game, like, ‘Terrorist Warlock?’ Because he uses a lot of bombs. Because terrorists use bombs, right? For example, if you’re playing CS:GO, the terrorist team, you know, sets the bomb. But that’s not isn’t offensive. So, can I call this terrorist warlock?”

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Several viewers on his Twitch chat indicated that the name would not be considered offensive. The 30-year-old content creator then took the opportunity to say that a sponsor had let him down because of a questionable joke.

The conversation ended with Disguised Toast stating that they wouldn’t provide any further details as they didn’t want to lose any more sponsorships. He added:

“But I made a prank afternoon and one of my sponsors pulled out. Like they do.”

Fans React to Streamer Losing Sponsorship Over Joke

Viewers in Jeremy’s Twitch chat showed a variety of reactions. While the majority laughed and spammed “KEKW” emotes after the streamer leaked this information, a few others were curious about the sponsor who pulled out of the deal. Here is an excerpt from the Twitch chat:

Twitch chat fans give their thoughts on the streamer losing a sponsorship after making a dodgy joke on the stream (Image via Disguised Toast/Twitch)
Twitch chat fans give their thoughts on the streamer losing a sponsorship after making a dodgy joke on the stream (Image via Disguised Toast/Twitch)

Besides Disguised Toast, YouTube Gaming sensation Ludwig Ahgren also lost a sponsorship recently. Earlier this month, the Mogul Money live the host has revealed that a sponsor has withdrawn from its next Chessboxing event after a compromising photo of the streamer was online leak.

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