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Interpol has no role in the fight against state-sponsored terrorism, says Secretary-General

The international criminal police organization mainly focuses on common crimes, says Stock

The international criminal police organization mainly focuses on common crimes, says Stock

Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock said on October 17 that the international criminal police organization plays no role in the fight against state-sponsored terrorism and focuses mainly on crimes under the law. common.

“We play no role to be very precise and concrete. If there is state activity, Interpol does not carry out any activity. We focus primarily on…according to our Constitution, common crime. We go against child abusers, rapists, murderers, drug dealers, cybercriminals who want to make billions of money… that’s the majority of crimes that happen in the world. That’s why Interpol exists,” Stock said at a press conference ahead of Interpol’s four-day general meeting which begins on October 18.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the 90 e general assembly on Tuesday, while Union Home Minister Amit Shah will deliver the farewell speech.

Early warning system

On the issue of terrorism, Mr. Stock said that Interpol had developed – in close cooperation with member countries, the United Nations, the European Union and many others – a global early warning system for the collection and the sharing of inputs related to terrorism. The organization had done so successfully as part of the global coalition to defeat Daesh.

He said Interpol had one of the largest repositories of information relating to foreign terrorist hideouts and tools to help member countries identify, target and arrest terrorists.

Regarding illicit financial flows, the Secretary-General said that less than 1% of funds could be intercepted and recovered by law enforcement agencies, calling it a major source of concern. Criminal gangs have also used cryptocurrencies to move the proceeds of crime and evade detection. “Combined with estimates of the global cost of cybercrime, which is expected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025, brings us to the basics of policing – follow the money,” he said.

He said Interpol’s Global Stop Payment Mechanism, a rapid response protocol against money laundering, had helped member countries recover more than $60 million in the past 10 months.

“Our Global Crime Trends Report also highlighted the massive increase in online child sexual exploitation and abuse, numbers that will only increase,” he said.

Interpol’s International Child Sexual Exploitation Database has helped investigators around the world identify an average of seven child victims of abuse each day. So far, 30,000 victims had been recorded worldwide.

red notice

Regarding the red notice, Mr Stock said it was not an international arrest warrant and that Interpol could not compel any member country to arrest a person subject to the notice. . “…we cannot accept a request (to issue a red notice) if, for example, it is political, military, religious or racial in nature, or does not comply with our rules on handling data,” he said. .

Responding to a question, Mr. Stock said that the Interpol unit in Singapore had provided support to member countries to develop a legal framework and come up with the tools for tracking and seizing cryptocurrencies. It is also working with the Financial Action Task Force on the issue.

Representatives of 195 member countries will attend the sessions of the General Assembly. Among them, Pakistani officials. Amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, delegates from both countries in Delhi will attend. Asked whether the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was on the agenda, Stock said Interpol had earlier passed a series of resolutions on war crimes and had a fixed framework to support member countries. Any discussion could take place within established guidelines.


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