KSI and Logan Paul’s $200 Million Business Prime Hydration Program Will Soon Sponsor a NASCAR Team

Logan Paul and KSI’s joint venture, Prime Hydration, is set to get advertising space at NASCAR. The recently launched company has grown significantly over the past few months, reaching as high as publicity at one of the biggest sporting events.


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Logan Paul and KSI had a very interesting past. Besides being other YouTube content creators, they were also the nemesis of the boxing ring. They faced each other twice in the ring, with KSI coming out on top.


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Although fans expected some bitterness or beef among them, they surprised the community by offering their joint venture Prime Hydration drink. The drink is massively popular, for its own good. The product is in such demand that stocks become thin.

Logan Paul and KSI energy drink earn a spot in NASCAR

In the next NASCAR race, car #13 gets a new sponsor. The car will flex a new logo for Premium Hydration with a bright blue paint job. This color scheme of the paint job will represent the blue raspberry flavor of the drink. The word “PRIME” will be engraved on its cover and on the side in black capital letters.


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Timmy Hill will be driving car #13. It will make its debut at the upcoming NASCAR Xfinity Series event, to be held at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Logan Paul said that this sponsorship is part of a plan to gain the upper hand “move to the next level” introducing their “brand to the world of NASCAR”.

Prime Hydration is the first influencer-based brand to successfully sponsor a NASCAR team. This shows how far young entrepreneurs, KSI and Logan Paul have come in their careers. The five-month-old Prime has done what many brands can only dream of.


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Is Prime energy drink worth buying?

According Tubular filterthe taste of Prime energy drink is a mix between Gatorade and a sugar-free soft drink. Prime Energy Drink is a great choice for post-sport refreshment drinks because the drink contains sugar-free electrolytes and other minerals, which rejuvenate the body after intense workouts.

If we ignore the high demand and mad Bargain price on eBay, you could say that Prime is quite a bearable energy drink. And as KSI and Logan continue with their plans, the future of the drink looks very bright.


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