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Leigh Leopards have confirmed Homes Together Ltd have agreed a two-year senior shirt sponsorship, which will be the highest sponsorship deal in the club’s history.

Homes Together Ltd, which sponsored Blake Ferguson in the 2022 season, specializes in providing residential care to young adults with learning and physical disabilities, autism and visual impairments.

Homes Together owner Steve Jones said: “As a lifelong supporter of Leigh, nothing made me more proud last season than to see the club promoted to the Super League. Born and bred at less than a mile from Hilton Park, Leigh Rugby has always been my greatest sporting passion Seeing them not only promoted last season but how it reminded me of the heady days of Murphy, Woods and Martyn I had wondered for a some time how we could support the club and after talking to Derek and being impressed with his infectious enthusiasm and passion, a synergy was born.We came up with a shirt sponsorship idea that fits perfectly with the innovations he is looking to introduce .

“Combining a rugby team that epitomizes skill, strength, speed and tenacity with an organization that cares for people with learning and physical difficulties is, we believe, groundbreaking and hopefully helps to changing perceptions of disability. This is the start of an incredible partnership that I can’t wait to see come to fruition.

David Ashton-Jones, Managing Director of Homes Together, said: “We are proud of the new partnership between Leigh Leopards and Homes Together.

“Watching Leigh throw the instruction manual out the window and make a positive statement about their future ambitions bears similarities to our own intention to spread the message of strength and positivity around disability. What better way to do that than to to sponsor a team in a sport as powerful as the Rugby League and a team that has been close to our hearts for a very long time.While the company is based in Harrogate, Leigh has a special place in our hearts, and we are determined to help this rugby club and the city in every possible way.

“The next chapter is extremely exciting!”

Leigh Leopards owner Derek Beaumont revealed the story of this record sponsorship, which followed the successful launch of the rebrand on Thursday, and highlighted the importance of sponsorship relationships with Leigh’s Board of Directors, office staff and club general manager Karen Roberts.

Mr Beaumont said: “Coming out of the presentation in my box in the stadium, where we were based, and seeing Karen eager to tell me about a proposal she had received to be on the front of the shirt was a shock that I did not have it is not expected.

“You won’t believe it! exclaimed Karine. She was so excited and rightly so. “Homes Together wants to be on the front of the shirt, they love it so much, and the whole brand change.”

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