Lucozade withdraws Qatar World Cup branding

England sponsor Lucozade will avoid having a marquee presence at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Lucozade is an England partner, rather than Fifa or the tournament itself, and opted to retire its branding at “press conferences, practices and pitches”.

It is understood that it is up to the English partners how they activate their sponsorship of the England team in Qatar.

The accommodation of the world Cup in Qatar is controversial for several reasons, including the rights of migrant workers, the criminalization of homosexuality and a male guardianship system that subjugates women.

A statement from the beverage company to Athleticism read: “Lucozade Sport have been a proud and long-standing sponsor of the England team, but we are not an official FIFA World Cup partner. We continue to support all England teams, who celebrate diversity , equity and inclusion.

“While the England team have access to our drinks for hydration purposes, we will not have a branded presence at press conferences, training sessions or on the pitch.”

Other brands have also tried to downplay their presence at the tournament. For example, Hummel, Denmark’s kit maker has ‘toned down’ its logo and design on the team’s World Cup kits because he does not want to approve Qatarthe host country.

Hummel explains that this is because the company “does not wish to be visible at a tournament which has claimed the lives of thousands of people”.

Lucozade is the first sponsor associated with England to take this step.

Athleticism previously wrote to the 21 official World Cup sponsors and kit manufacturers asking for their position on human rights issues. Only five offered a substantial response.

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