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Lufkin Couple Rank Top 5 in National Adoption Contest, Winning Thousands in Adoption Fees

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) — Haley and Chris Taylor, a Lufkin couple, decided twelve years ago that they wanted to adopt a child.

“The Bible says those who trust Jesus are no longer enemies of God but friends of God and children of God,” Chris said. “So because God’s heart is adoption, we thought one way to imitate the lord was to seek adoption.”

Three years ago they began their journey to get there, but following the adoption path can be expensive.

“We started about three years ago, then the average was around $35,000, and now we’re growing quickly and the average is closer to $50,000,” Haley said.

Then the couple heard about the organization Fund the Nation. He helps raise money to fund mission trips, adoptions, and other causes. It focuses specifically on adoptions in November, National Adoption Awareness Month, with a nationwide contest that pays all adoption fees for winners.

Initially, the Taylors were to make a video to submit to the organization, with 25 families being chosen. Then the public voted on which 10 would participate in the fundraiser by selling shirts, with the winner receiving all adoption fees paid.

When the Taylors broke into the top 10, they celebrated with their competition. Chris said all the families have become lifelong friends.

“We were celebrating with them,” Chris said. “We were praising God with them. It was nice, and one of the families bought our families shirts to support us.

Lufkin also rallied around the Taylors, as did the rest of the nation, with the Taylors being able to fundraise in 48 different states.

The competition ended this week and the Taylors were able to place in the top 5. Although their adoption fees were not fully paid, they were able to bring in thousands of dollars for their efforts.

“We walked away with a grant of $11,000. Our next payment was due January 4 and it was $11,934,” Haley said. “It gives me chills just to say it out loud.”

But now they set their sights on their son.

“He’ll be a Taylor,” Chris said. “And, we will love and care for him like we do for our other children.”

The Taylors have already made arrangements to adopt a son into their family. They will meet the mother during the holidays and he should be born early next year.


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