Memo from a lifelong Latino Angeleno: No one cares about the Avance Democratic Club

In a debate hosted by KNX News on Thursday, Rep. Karen Bass mocked businessman Rick Caruso for touting his endorsement of something called Avance Democratic Club.

“How much did you pay for that?” she asked.

“Avance Democratic Club, which focuses on building Latin American political power, was launched after Mayor Eric Garcetti was elected by several Garcetti aides, including his former chief of staff, Ana Guerrero,” Explain the Los Angeles Times.

Caruso acted outraged at Bass’s question. “Are you insulting Avance?” He asked.

“Yeah,” Bass replied.

Caruso then held a press event with Avance saying it was insulting to the “Latino community”. Bass issued the mandatory apology.

Avance does not represent the “Latino community”. I guarantee that 99.9% of Latinos in Los Angeles have never heard of Avance. And nothing I’ve seen indicates that anyone should. Any group founded by “several assistants of Garcetti” is doomed to be a fire without merit.

Clearly, Caruso did the politically smart thing by overstating their importance and acting crazy about what Bass said. The ballots are out and most people are just skimming the headlines, so stories about “Bass offends something Latino something blah blah” will only benefit Caruso.

The bass should have fought back with substance. The LA Times reports that before Avance endorsed Caruso, the band asked Bass and Caruso to sponsor their Sept. 22 event honoring Lorena Gonzalez (of all people, indicating that Avance’s leadership is not very bright).

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