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National Adoption Day 2022: Families celebrate as many make adoptions official

CHICAGO (WLS) — For over two and a half years, Trisha and Frank Redmond have been adopting Bridget, and on Friday the Chicago couple officially became parents to the 6-year-old girl.

“It was so good to know that she can be with us, and that she is where she is safe and happy, and we can provide that for her and she can enrich our lives with her joy,” Trisha said. .

The Redmonds are Bridget’s biological aunt and uncle. Their niece was placed with them after the girl’s mother died a few years ago.

“She comes from a very traumatic background, but through this bittersweet journey we’ve been on with her, it just hurts now,” Trisha said.

Several other families also began their sweet journey to mark National Adoption Day. Newly adoptive parents attended a special Cook County ceremony as the county lowers adoption fees from $265 to $89.

After a seven-year legal battle, 15-year-old Danesha McCory’s adoption has become official.

“I’m officially hers,” McCory said. “She’s happy. She’s going to do a dizzying dance or something”.

A very happy Julisa Green is McCory’s adoptive mother. She’s cared for McCory since her birth mother left years ago and never came back.

“I stepped in and helped, and I’ve been taking care of her ever since,” Green said.

Then there’s also 4-year-old Maddie, who officially became Jim and David Hickey Friday’s daughter. Dozens of family members wore “Hurrah, It’s Maddie’s Gotcha Day” t-shirts to show their support for the young girl.

“She’s so loving. She brings joy to our lives, she’s sassy,” Jim said.

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