Newcastle United shirt sponsor named by finance guru – ‘big and bold’

Newcastle United are likely to name Saudia as their front shirt sponsor after testing the partnership in December.

This is the view of financial expert, Dr. Dan Plumley, speaking exclusively to Football Insider about the airline and its involvement in the Magpies’ mid-season tour of Saudi Arabia.

Newcastle, who will travel to the country in early December, announced last Wednesday (November 16) that Saudia will sponsor them for the week-long trip.

Newcastle have already signed a sponsorship deal with Saudi-based Noon.com, which is part-owned by the Public Investment Fund.

It is believed that they will appoint a PIF-related company as their shirt front partner when the deal with Fun88 comes to an end at the end of the campaign.

And Plumley suggests Saudia and Newcastle could use the mid-season tour deal as a litmus test for a future shirt deal.

It looks like they are testing the waters for new deals in the area“said the expert from Sheffield Hallam University Football Insiders Adam Williams.

You can see it with the new contract to sponsor the tour. There are many major airlines that have contracts with the biggest European clubs.

It’s highly likely, I’d say, that this deal will return in a bigger, bolder format later on.

Again, it’s about starting small, but making deals like this part of a much bigger game in the bigger picture of things.

“It is likely that we will see this type of sponsor as shirt front sponsors in the future, given the links that aerospace companies have with other big clubs.

In other news, Newcastle United have ‘concrete’ interest in Joao Pedro ahead of January.

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