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Nissan buys e.dams for full control over Formula E team

The team’s e.dams team – an offshoot of Operation DAMS in Formula 2 – has competed in Formula E since the series’ inception in 2014, first as a Renault team operator before that the French manufacturer does not give way to Nissan. .

With Renault, e.dams have won the first three Formula E Team Championships – and managed a second place overall since Nissan entered the series in the 2018-19 season.

Following the death of team founder Jean-Paul Driot, his sons Olivier and Gregory took over the reins of the DAMS team but have since sold the F2 part of the team to a former Formula 1 driver. Charles Peak.

They retained majority control of the Formula E team, but Nissan has now bought out that part of the business ahead of the start of Gen3 regulations scheduled for the 2022-23 season.

“Since we started in 2018 with e.dams, our relationship has been extremely good, and we collaborate with each other and have had great successes over the past three to four years,” said Ashwani Gupta, Director general of Nissan, to “Now, as we decided to invest for Gen3, we wanted to have full control of every touchpoint in Formula E, including the powertrain as a project, but also the race team.

“This project is an integral part of Nissan Motor Company. On the investment side, we are fully prepared and able to make the investment. R&D remains in France. However, from Japan, we have already sent many engineers to France to work on this project.

“And now the Japanese team and the French teams are working together for exactly the same purpose of transferring this know-how from each other.”

Nissan FE chief executive Tommaso Volpe will stay on board and become chief executive

Photo by: Sam Bloxham / Motorsport pictures

Nissan Formula E Team Managing Director Tommaso Volpe will remain on board both sides of the team, becoming Managing Director of the e.dams operation.

Volpe explained that Nissan taking control of the race team will allow much easier collaboration between the two parties, and that it made sense for the manufacturer to be in charge of its own fortunes on the track.

“We can also create full synergy with car development operations,” Volpe said. “At the moment the car is developed within the Alliance platform and the team is an independent company. But as soon as the team is owned by Nissan, we can create full synergy with all operations.

“And if you look at the car manufacturers in Formula E, they tend to have a development car and the racing team under the same roof.

“At some point, as a constructor, it’s almost a natural decision if you go into the sport for the long haul, to control the race team, that the driver primarily controls the race operations. .”

DAMS Managing Director Francois Sicard, who currently works in the F2 and Formula E teams, will leave the team at a later date to take on a new role as FIA Sporting Director.

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