Oracle Communications at DTW 2022: Platinum Sponsor Presents “Race with 5G” Motor Racing Championship

As part of the recently concluded Digital Transformation World 2022, Ariana Lynn, Editor-in-Chief of The Fast Mode, spoke with Jason Rutherford, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Communications in a brief interview about the company’s participation. company at the event.

Ariana: What summit will Oracle be attending?

Jason: As a proud platinum sponsor of DTW 2022, Oracle Communications has joined other thought leaders and leading technology companies to help CSPs build the future of connectivity. Because Oracle Communications is deeply committed to promoting open standards and frameworks, we played a key role in the 5G Flyers catalyst. This project used TMF Open APIs and ODA to showcase an illustrative drone-based use case and demonstrated how CSPs can partner with multiple 5G network service providers to deliver sophisticated enterprise-based services. on network slicing.

We also participated in the AI-based Product Design Catalyst to explore the use of AI/ML models built into TMF’s Product Catalog Management component to predict the likely performance of a product offering against to a set of core business key performance indicators.

Ariana: What are some of the key announcements we can expect from Oracle at the event?

Jason: A key tenet of transformation strategies is the standardization of software systems and processes across all operating companies with the flexibility to create configuration changes. I explored this topic in a panel interview with Telia SVP and Group COO Dr. Rainer Deutschmann.

Drei Austria and Oracle discussed the challenges of streamlining, consolidating and sustaining post-M&A systems. Drei illustrated how they are unifying and consolidating their assurance systems by deploying Oracle Unified Assurance after the merger of Drei and Tele2.

Finally, to deliver a superior customer experience, avoid SLA violations, and efficiently operate complex modern networks, CSPs will need to utilize hyper-automated network and service operations. Verizon showcased how it manages complex enterprise services using Oracle’s Unified Assurance solution.

Ariana: What will be Oracle’s major showcases?

Jason: Oracle Communications created the “Race with 5G‚Äúshowcase to explore a hypothetical motor racing championship, Race 1, where local service provider Supremo5G is building a compelling solution in conjunction with a media streaming partner and the Race 1 teams. We demonstrated the spectator experience to receive an offer experience packages and how these services are billed and billed within a complex partner ecosystem. Attendees saw how network slice quality of service is monitored and potential degradation is thwarted, all using Oracle Communications solutions.

Oracle Communications was also part of two Catalyst showcases. The AI-powered offer design catalyst demonstrated how CSPs can predict the likely performance of a product offer against a set of core business KPIs: revenue, profitability and retention customers, and allow the optimization of the offer before its launch. The Flyers 5G Catalyst demonstrated the use of a commercial drone-based service as an illustrative use case of how CSPs can partner with multiple 5G network service providers to deliver critical enterprise services such as the monitoring of offshore wind farms.

Ariana: How does it feel to be physically back at DTW 2022? What is your experience in Copenhagen?

Jason: The excitement and energy of DTW2022 in Copenhagen was palpable among the record number of attendees. It became apparent very quickly that attendees were tired of attending virtual conferences and were eager to meet customers, partners and colleagues in person. The theaters were filled with spectators who were there to learn from each other’s experiences and the exhibit hall was beaming with people eager to explore catalysts, vendor solutions and showcases. I was also impressed by the number of senior executives in the CSP membership community. The event validated the TM Forum’s decision to move DTW from Nice to Copenhagen and I look forward to returning next year.


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