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Punk’d Protein is bringing ‘anarchy’ to the UK snacks market

Rebellious enough not to conform to the low-fat, low-sugar, high-protein trend currently taking over the market, it’s a snack bar that puts taste at the top of the list and caters to consumers who don’t aren’t shy about saying they want a great-tasting protein snack – a spokesperson said.

Manufactured by Food Connections and backed by decades of product development knowledge in designing and developing a diverse line of active nutritional and functional products, Punk’d Protein boasts an exceptional pedigree.

Popular as an everyday snack, Punk’d Protein is also gaining traction with gyms, cyclists, runners and golfers. Punk’d Protein sponsors the Viking Challenge and has also sponsored several cyclo-cross events. They also sponsor British triathlete Jimmy Kershaw who is also a Movistar Eteam rider.


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