Readers Respond: Don’t Punish Football Sponsors

Recent reports of disgusting and criminal behavior among the executives of several National Women’s Soccer League teams are heinous. Zero tolerance and jail time should be the norm for these people. (“Corporate Sponsor Dropped Portland Thorns and Timbers, Says It Won’t Return Without ‘Meaningful Institutional Transformation'”, October 5)

Women’s soccer in Portland is the driving force that takes women’s sports to incredible new heights; crowds of 15,000 to 20,000 are the new normal. Please don’t punish the sponsors who played a crucial role in this historic and incredible race.

Let them spend their money and tell them to hold management accountable. Keep the money flowing and use it to your advantage. For the good of this incredible history of the sport in the making, use the tools at your disposal. Don’t cut yourself off.

John Reilly, Portland

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