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Tottenham Hotspur have been urged by British politicians to drop their main shirt sponsor AIA amid human rights concerns in Hong Kong.

The north London club have been sponsored by the Chinese life insurance company since 2014. Chairman Daniel Levy signed a lucrative eight-year contract extension with the company in 2019 (Tottenham Hotspur.com), worth £320 million.

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AIA Group has publicly declared its support for the Hong Kong National Security Law which was introduced in June 2020. The law was created in an effort to provide stability amid widespread pro-democracy protests in 2019, but has since come under intense scrutiny.

Many argue that the national security law has instead been used as a means to suppress freedom of speech, assembly and dissent. The temperature report that the UK parliamentary group described the law as “a cudgel to beat those associated with the Hong Kong protest movement”.

Almost immediately after the law came into effect in 2020, the AIA Group expressed its support. The law has resulted in the closure of civil society groups, trade unions and independent media.

It also led to the arrest of more than 200 activists, journalists and former politicians, according to the Hong Kong All-Party Parliamentary Group.

British politicians have now sent a letter to Daniel Levy urging him to end Tottenham’s association with AIG and accused the club of “collaborating with supporters of human rights abuses in Hong Kong”.

Levy was asked to sever all ties, in an effort to show “the Chinese Communist Party and its supporters that it cannot commit such violations without consequence.”

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A far cry from your normal football story this one, and the kind of news that will shock many who follow the club. With the seriousness of the claims against AIG and national security law in Hong Kong, hopefully Daniel Levy will act on it and do the right thing here.

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