Serena Williams’ Husband Thanks Godfather For Sending Matching Jordans To Their Family

During his nearly 25-year career, Serena Williams has won many titles and has become an ambassador for many brands around the world. Still, her association with Nike is arguably her longest, dating back to her early days as a player.

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian recently took to Twitter to share a photo of the matching Jordans he and his family received as a gift from the iconic sports brand.

“Thank you, @Nike,” Ohanian captioned the post.

“She’s larger than life” – Wilson Smith, Nike Design Director, on Serena Williams

Serena Williams in her third round match against Ajla Tomlijanovic at US Open 2022
Serena Williams in her third round match against Ajla Tomlijanovic at US Open 2022

Nike design director Wilson Smith recently reminded design boots for Serena Williams to wear at the 2004 U.S. Open.

“One of my favorite stories I can think of was working with Serena, and Serena is amazing,” Smith said. “I was looking at her shoes, she always wore boots, so I said, ‘How about a tennis shoe? She thought, “Oh, I love tennis shoes,” and she signed up. So, I created these shoes and it was really fun, they had kind of a spit on top.

Although many people thought the boots were “over the top”, Williams wore them when warming up before games. Interestingly, Smith revealed that most of the photos taken of the tennis legend during the tournament were from his warm-ups rather than his matches.

“So Serena is wearing these boots at the US Open and she came out in 2004. 2004 US Open, she’s wearing these boots, the cameras are flashing like she’s on a Paris catwalk. That night they told me at the US Open, ‘Hey, we don’t want her wearing those boots, it’s too, too over the top.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, that’s cool, we just wanted her to warm up anyway.”

“So she wore them, she zipped them up after warm ups, she went on and crushed her opponent, it was a great night. The next day, USA Today, was a big picture on the front page top left corner of her hand with the boots. And the amazing thing was that all the footage that was taken during the tournament was all taken during warm-ups. She never warmed up during the match and it showed how Serena pushes at the “Beyond the boundaries of the game itself. She’s an influencer but she’s larger than life. It’s one of my funny stories,” he added.

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