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Skyrim: 8 children players should adopt

Skyrim the anniversary edition will be released on Nintendo Switch and fans are pretty excited. The game includes expansions such as Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn, as well as other new weapons, armor, and quests. Thanks to this, for the first time ever, Switch players will be able to adopt children and become a Dragonborn parent.

There are many children in the game who have lost their families and wish to be adopted by the player, but since unfortunately the Dragonborn can only adopt two children, it is one of the the most important choices in Skyrim. It is very difficult to decide who to bring home, but here are the children who need adoption the most.



Alesan is a very hardworking and sweet boy that can be found in Dawnstar. As he explains, his father was a sailor who, after falling ill, dragged Alesan off the boat and abandoned him in the city. After telling his story, he adds “I’ve tried to do it since but it’s been hard. Really hard.”

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As if the story wasn’t heartbreaking enough, the player can see Alesan running around the mines where he works delivering food to earn very little money. The worst part is that he can also be seen sleeping on the floor of the Windpeak Inn by the fire. Child labor is terrible and it takes away the childhood of many children. Alesan should play with other children and sleep in a good bed, and it is to the Dragonborn that he should be loved and cared for.


Sofie is yet another child who lives in poverty and has to work for a living selling flowers. But of course, she doesn’t earn much money and has to sleep in the extreme cold and dangerous streets of Windhelm, a town where there is a serial killer on the run and which is structured to follow segregation laws.

Obviously this is not a place for a child to be homeless and unprotected. The sweet daughter has a difficult past and only tried to survive the cruelties of a war-stricken world, but her suffering and struggles can end immediately if the Dragonborn decides to adopt and rescue her. give Skyrimis the best house ever.

Francois Beaufort

François Beaufort has a roof, meals and can interact with other children at the HonorHall orphanage in Riften. However, what is devastating about him is that he believed his parents when they said they would pick him up, and hopes they will return one day despite having been at the orphanage for over a decade. ‘a year.

It is not known why the parents told him such a lie. Maybe it was to keep their hopes up, to soften reality, or maybe they didn’t want to look like bad guys, but it’s definitely cruel to leave a child with a promise to come back and never TO DO. With such a family, François has probably never known the true love of a parent, but his luck could turn if he is adopted.

Runa Fair-Shield

She may be dark, tough and outspoken, but that’s what makes Runa Fair-Shield unique. She is the only girl to be adopted from the HonorHall orphanage and is having the worst times. On several occasions, she admits that she hates being there and is fed up with the place. No one can blame her after the endless nightmares she had to live with Grelod the Kind.

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If the player speaks to her when Grelod is alive, she trusts the Dragonborn and says “I’m really scared of Grelod. When Aventus escaped, she was so angry. I got double beatings that day”. Although Constance later takes care of the children, Runa deserves to live somewhere away from all the bad memories of her abused childhood.


Blaise can be seen sleeping outside on a pile of straw in the stables next to the horses, which is reason enough to adopt him. Every child deserves a safe place to sleep and be protected from the dangers of the night. It’s not just the cold and the hard ground. How could a child be out in a world with dragons, bandits, trolls and other threats around every corner?

Although SkyrimCivil War is one of the best side quests, Blaise is another victim. As he explains, his parents were soldiers of the legion and were killed in an ambush. No child should pay for the devastating consequences of politics, but the sad truth is that many do, and in Skyrim, it is no different. If the Dragonborn doesn’t adopt him after many adults have let him down, how is he supposed to trust anyone else again?


Hroar ​​never explains how he ended up at the HonorJall Orphanage in Riften. However, he has the sweetest and most moving dialogue when he approaches the Dragonborn to explain the reason for his unusual name: “I was named after the sound a lion makes. You know how to roar!.”

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Such a tender boy should never have to face the cruelties of growing up without parents. Hroar ​​deserves real love from someone who actually cares for him. After all, the most generous children have to face abuse like Grelod’s and still be as charming and charming as he is.


Lucia can be found wandering Whiterun expressing how hungry she is or begging for money. She tells her heartbreaking story to the Dragonborn and explains how after her mother died, her aunt and uncle took over the farmhouse she lived on and kicked her out. They even told her she was no good and lowered her self-esteem.

The girl is ignored by almost everyone in Whiterun except for Brenuin and the Dragonborn. Not even the best members of the Companions helped her. It is common for homeless people to be treated as if they don’t exist, and this can have serious consequences for a child learning about life. The only way Lucia can feel like she’s not worthless is to get adopted and return to true love like her dead mother once gave her.


Samuel is another of the children to be adopted from the HonorHall orphanage in Riften, but he is the only one to have been raised there since he was a baby. So he has become a kind of leader for the other children, and he shows great maturity in most of his dialogue. He almost looks like an adult with the heart of a young boy.

The kid never even came close to knowing what a family is and was raised by Grelod the Kind. Unlike the others, he knew none of his relatives and always lived the isolated life of an institutionalized orphan victim of abuse. He may be used to it now, but it doesn’t make him any better, and he deserves a chance, like everyone else, to finally have a family.

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