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With many families from disadvantaged backgrounds, students at Thuthukani Special School in Empangeni need help from kind-hearted members of the community.

In 2021, only 15% of parents were able to afford school fees, making school management incredibly difficult.

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To ease the financial burden, the school is appealing to concerned citizens to sponsor one child – or more if they can.

“Most of our learners come from lower socio-economic backgrounds and as a result, the School Board (SGB) waives all unpaid tuition fees each year.

“This leaves Thuthukani with a significant shortfall in the budget set to meet the basic educational needs of each learner,” said school principal and attorney Martie Combrink.

“Sponsor-a-Child is a fundraising project where a community member can pay for a learner’s tuition at R240 per month.

“Members are welcome to sponsor more than one child on a monthly basis.

“It creates a regular source of smaller donations that we can use to cover all the aspects that tuition should cover.”

She explained that although the sponsorship of a child is the project, the funds are not allocated to a particular child, but rather allocated to the tuition account for the benefit of all students.

Any amount contributed towards the school fees of these children with severe to profound disabilities is greatly appreciated and managed by the SGB.

How to sponsor a child
Payments can be made to the school’s account using the word SPONSOR and your last name as a reference.
Bank details:
Thuthukani Special School, ABSA – Empangeni
Current account: 4044 335 087
TEF code: 632005
Agency code: 334130
Send proof of payment and your full contact details to [email protected] to receive a Section 18A certificate.


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