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Do you spend lazy Saturday afternoons browsing online, wishing you had the budget to hire an interior designer to replicate their artistic interiors? Well-designed rooms don’t always have to come with an exorbitant price tag; designing on a budget can be easier than you think. Often, by changing small things, a room can take on a whole new personality.

Less is more minimalism is a design trend that can help homes look great with minimal intervention. A style that can help de-stress users and make them relax easily in any space. The good thing about minimalism is that it can be combined with any other style of design and achieve the desired result. So, whether it’s a bohemian or an industrial style, it can all be combined with a minimalist look to give the desired stylish effect.

Nowadays, minimalism is recognized and followed by many influencers and can easily be achieved with a limited budget. Consider the following when incorporating minimalist design ideas.

Tell a story. Minimalism tends to be simple, but adding a few personal touches to any space can make it burst with life and become more distinctive while reflecting the true personality of the user.

Incorporate natural light. Let sunlight into the designated room. Letting in natural light will always enhance the interior space. However, if the area is not well exposed to the sun, it can be repaired using other elements of artificial light. Lighting the space makes it more cheerful and takes away the dark feeling. It can also make any room appear larger and more inviting.

Keep color in mind. Introduce the right color palette. Even when using a neutral palette, adding a few subtle tones can help create more harmony in the space. Neutral shades are always easy on the eyes and create a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Add greenery. Using plants in any space gives it a fresh oasis feel. An important factor is keeping the plants healthy enough to stay green and lush. For this reason, many designers use artificial plants in a minimalist design, due to their ease of maintenance and consistency.

Create an organized space. Decluttering is an essential feature of any minimalist design. To create a stress-free space, make sure it’s clean and organized. The importance of this is supported by science, many studies show that cluttered and untidy homes are linked to higher stress levels.

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By Joseph Irons, President
Building of the Irons Brothers

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