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In the Pacific Northwest, the pleasures of navigation abound. Whether it’s collecting, sailing, repairing, building, or just enjoying being on the water, we’ve got it all.

“Models of ancient ships and boats have been found throughout the Mediterranean, particularly in ancient Greece, Egypt and Phenicia. These models provide archaeologists with valuable information about maritime technology and the sociological and economic importance of navigation.

Fast forward: early 20th century models created with a combination of wooden hulls and cast lead for anchors, eyelets and rigging blocks. These materials are gradually giving way to prefabricated plastic sets.

The development of tinplate and improved machine tools enabled significant advances in ship modeling from 1900. Thin, usable sheets of iron could be coated with tin to prevent rusting and then produced in series as parts of model ships.

Ship modeling in the United States experienced a boom in the late 1920s when Popular Science magazine published a long series of articles and plans for famous ships by modeler and former naval officer E. Armitage McCann. The most common materials for model ships are wood, plastic, metal, and paper. Today we enjoy historical models and explore the art of live steam, manned and radio controlled models.

Wikipedia “Model ship”

At Ginny’s Girls Estate Sales, we have fun selling antique anchors, wooden pulleys, boat lanterns, cockpits, brass fittings, floats and boat lights. These discoveries provide the customer with unique and valuable purchases.

Join us! Ginny’s Girls will be hosting an estate sale filled to the brim with model boats, nautical gear and wooden boat building tools. Find sale details here or by visiting our website listed below.

— By Meriann Roberts, Ginny’s Girls Estate Services



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