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With over 100 years in the community, Peoples Bank has seen its share of market ups and downs. Recent interest rate hikes have tested borrowing in a way not seen in many years. Dedicated to a superior level of service, the Banque Populaire mortgage team is committed to serving the community today and for years to come.

Jennifer Evans Thompson, Director of Mortgage Banking, Peoples Bank, and Gina Walsh, Head of Local Real Estate Production, explain how their lenders provide expertise and personalized customer support in each of the communities they serve. serve while reassuring these communities that they are here to stay.

“We’re not going anywhere,” says Jennifer. “Our doors are not going to close because the mortgage market is volatile. Our lending team is stable and can cope with changes in the market as it is backed by Peoples Bank.

Locally owned and operated, Peoples Bank is known for its ‘people first’ commitment. “Our lenders are caring and professional. They really have the client’s best interests in mind because they want them to succeed,” says Jennifer. “We work as a team to provide a positive experience for our customers.”

This experience also includes maintaining its loan department in-house. Loans remain with the Bank and will not be sold unless requested. Borrowers can have their payments taken directly from their account or they can visit any branch to make a payment. If a client has a question regarding their loan, the team is on hand and available to work with them.

Gina emphasizes that the Bank is focused on building long-term relationships. “People’s Bank offers a full-service financial relationship that covers all aspects of life. We could have your checking account, as well as a checking account for your teenager and a credit card for his departure to university. If you own a business, we have business banking and the ability to source a business loan. When you’re ready to buy a home, our mortgage team is here to help.

The mortgage team is also unique in that several members have been promoted within the Bank. Those with retail experience have a much broader view of what is going on in a customer’s life. From this perspective, for example, they might set up a deal in a different way because they have the insight needed to set up a loan to be successful.

Peoples Bank and its mortgage team remain committed to their customers and communities, regardless of market conditions. “We’ve been around for over 100 years,” says Jennifer. “We have been in a bear market before. Not only do we know how to survive this type of market – or any type of market – but we know how to do it and stay strong.

To reach a member of the Banque Populaire mortgage team, please visit www.peoplesbank-wa.com/home-loans/mortgage-loan-officers.

— Sponsored by Banque Populaire

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