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To 10:20 a.m. on October 20, In 2022, millions of people in Washington State will participate in the largest earthquake and tsunami exercise ever: ShakeOut! Why? Earthquakes can happen anywhere, so everyone should know how to protect themselves when an earthquake strikes. Coastal earthquakes can be followed by tsunamis – that’s why The Great Washington ShakeOut includes a tsunami exercise.

As part of ShakeOut, Washington’s array of 122 tsunami sirens will be tested around 10:20 a.m. on October 20. using the wailing sound of a tsunami warning, not the Westminster Chimes that are used in the monthly tests. Please do not call 911. Instead, take this opportunity to practice walking to the nearest high ground and test your escape plan and reunification with your family. Learn more about https://mil.wa.gov/tsunami

The sound of lamentations will be followed by this message in English and Spanish: “This is a test of the siren alert system. If you are in a low-lying coastal area, test your escape route. If this was a real emergency, you should follow the escape routes, move to higher ground inland, now. Do not be too long. Do not return until invited to do so. Connect to your local media sources for further instructions. It was just a test. »

Snohomish County currently has 3 tsunami sirens at the following locations:

  • Port of Everett Terminal Pier2900 Terminal Ave, Everett, Washington
  • Port of Everett Marina Park607 10th Street, Everett, Washington
  • Olympic Beach Park51 West Dayton Street, Edmonds, WA

During ShakeOut at 10:20 a.m. on 10/20, we’re encouraging people to drop in, cover up, and stand up wherever they are – at work, home, school, walking in a park or in a mall. The practice strengthens muscle memory for when the real earthquake will occur.

NOAA weather radios configured to receive tsunami warnings will also activate during this test.

Those who download the MyShake app will also receive a test warning on their phones. The test alert should include an audio test notifying users that this is a system test and no action is required. The MyShake app is powered by the USGS ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning System and can provide seconds of warning before an earthquake occurs. There will be no testing of the state’s wireless emergency alert system. You must download the app to receive the alert.

Installation of the tsunami siren at Edmonds Marina Park in June 2021.

Know your tsunami warning signs

If you hear the whine of the siren outside of the Great Washington ShakeOut, immediately follow the nearest tsunami evacuation route inland or to higher ground. This is your warning that a tsunami is approaching and that you must evacuate the flood zone as soon as possible.

If you’re on the coast and you get an earthquake alert on your phone or you feel the ground shaking, drop down, cover up, and hold on for protection. When the shaking stops, immediately follow the nearest escape route inland or to higher ground. Don’t wait to hear a tsunami siren or receive an official tsunami warning – the jolt is your warning that a tsunami could be on its way.

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