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Sponsors of the Future and Nail POP launch “Caring for the Caregivers” campaign to support the neurodivergent community

Nail POP Sponsors Local Caregivers’ “Me Time” By Donating Award-Winning Portable Nail Art Printers

EAST GREENWICH, RI, October 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sponsors of the Future (SoF) and Nail POP announce the launch of the Caring for caregivers campaign to support the community of caregivers caring for neurodivergent children and adolescents, ensuring they take the time to focus on their own care.

SoF is dedicated to facilitating strong connections between local communities and businesses like Nail POP by providing opportunities to participate in local campaigns like this. “Nail POP is happy to connect people with their life experiences and is excited to be part of this movement. It is extremely important that caregivers receive the attention and support they need to feel well and We are proud to support SoF’s mission to help local caregivers and the neurodivergent community.” said Leo YangCEO of Nail POP.

“SoF is delighted to be working with Nail POP to help support the ‘me-time’ campaign for carers who spend countless hours caring for loved ones but neglect to take care of themselves. We believe that Nail POP, through its sponsorship and donations, can provide emotional connections with family, friends, and community that are aligned with SoF’s mission.Together, we are pleased to provide the opportunity to sit , relax and have fun and enjoy each other with a fun and portable experience anytime and anywhere,” said Lauren ChengCommunity Relations Manager, SoF.

Cheng added, “It’s also a great way for the community and businesses to create greater impact and be part of a widespread movement to educate the world about making emotional connections with neurodivergent communities. SoF has a mission of inclusivity and provides programs and ecosystems for neurodiverse communities.” Through this campaign, SoF aims to bridge the gap between separate entities meant to work together by providing ways to develop ecosystems that facilitate connections and strong partnerships between business and local communities, including people with disabilities, their caregivers, educators, doctors, parents, local stakeholders, etc.

If you are a caregiver or a business, school or organization that wants to get involved in this movement, click here. For donations and other fundraising opportunities, visit our website.

About Nail POP

POP nail is part of Global DS, a company that develops and manufactures portable photo printers, beauty devices and more that connect people with their life experiences. Nail POP is a CES Innovation award-winning portable nail art printer. It’s compact, making it easy to take on the go and helping the community connect anytime, anywhere. The Nail POP printer uses an FDA compliant nail sticker cartridge that is durable, water resistant and safe for children and adults. Nail POP is a proud sponsor of the “Caring for the Caregivers” campaign.

About Sponsors of the Future (SoF)

SoF is a non-profit organization that creates programs to empower neurodivergent children and teens to lead independent lives. SoF bridges the gap between separate entities meant to work together. For more information on the Caring for the Caregivers campaign, Click here.

Visit sponsorsofthefuture.org.

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